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The PHD Domain of Np95 (mUHRF1) is involved in large-scale reorganization of pericentromeric heterochromatin.
Papait, R. and Pistore, C. and Grazini, U. and Babbio, F. and Cogliati, S. and Pecoraro, D. and Brino, L. and Morand, A.L. and Dechampesme, A.M. and Spada, F. and Leonhardt, H. and McBlane, F. and Oudet, P. and Bonapace, I.M.
Molecular Biology of the Cell 19 (8): 3554-3563. 1 August 2008

Subdiffraction multicolor imaging of the nuclear periphery with 3D structured illumination microscopy.
Schermelleh, L. and Carlton, P.M. and Haase, S. and Shao, L. and Winoto, L. and Kner, P. and Burke, B. and Cardoso, M.C. and Agard, D.A. and Gustafsson, M.G. and Leonhardt, H. and Sedat, J.W.
Science 320 (5881): 1332-1336. 6 June 2008

Visualization and measurement of DNA methyltransferase activity in living cells.
Schermelleh, L. and Spada, F. and Leonhardt, H.
Current Protocols in Cell Biology Chapter 22 : Unit 22.12. June 2008

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