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Essential role for IkappaB kinase beta in remodeling Carma1-Bcl10-Malt1 complexes upon T cell activation.
Wegener, E. and Oeckinghaus, A. and Papadopoulou, N. and Lavitas, L. and Schmidt-Supprian, M. and Ferch, U. and Mak, T.W. and Ruland, J. and Heissmeyer, V. and Krappmann, D.
Molecular Cell 23 (1): 13-23. 7 July 2006

Viral targeting of the interferon-beta-inducing Traf family member-associated NF-kappaB activator (TANK)-binding kinase-1.
Unterstab, G. and Ludwig, S. and Anton, A. and Planz, O. and Dauber, B. and Krappmann, D. and Heins, G. and Ehrhardt, C. and Wolff, T.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102 (38): 13640-13645. 9 September 2005

Requirement of Hsp90 activity for IkappaB kinase (IKK) biosynthesis and for constitutive and inducible IKK and NF-kappaB activation.
Broemer, M. and Krappmann, D. and Scheidereit, C.
Oncogene 23 (31): 5378-5386. 8 July 2004

The IκB kinase complex and NF-κB act as master regulators of lipopolysaccharide-induced gene expression and control subordinate activation of AP-1.
Krappmann, D. and Wegener, E. and Sunami, Y. and Esen, M. and Thiel, A. and Mordmueller, B. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (14): 6488-6500. 1 July 2004

Degradation of Bcl10 induced by T-cell activation negatively regulates NF-kappaB signaling.
Scharschmidt, E. and Wegener, E. and Heissmeyer, V. and Rao, A. and Krappmann, D.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (9): 3860-3873. 1 May 2004

Lymphotoxin and lipopolysaccharide induce NF-κB-p52 generation by a co-translational mechanism.
Mordmueller, B. and Krappmann, D. and Esen, M. and Wegener, E. and Scheidereit, C.
EMBO Reports 4 (1): 82-87. 1 January 2003

Nuclear factor κB-dependent gene expression profiling of Hodgkins disease tumor cells, pathogenetic significance, and link to constitutive signal transducer and activator of transcription 5a activity.
Hinz, M. and Lemke, P. and Anagnostopoulos, I. and Hacker, C. and Krappmann, D. and Mathas, S. and Doerken, B. and Zenke, M. and Stein, H. and Scheidereit, C.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 196 (5): 605-617. 2 September 2002

Purification and characterization of the human Elongator complex.
Hawkes, N.A. and Otero, G. and Winkler, G.S. and Marshall, N. and Dahmus, M.E. and Krappmann, D. and Scheidereit, C. and Thomas, C.L. and Schiavo, G. and Erdjument-Bromage, H. and Tempst, P. and Svejstrup, J.Q.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (4): 3047-3052. 1 January 2002

Book Section

NF-κB pathway.
Scheidereit, C. and Krappmann, D.
In: Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Medicine ; Vol. 2. Springer, Berlin [u.a.], 1286-1292. ISBN 3-540-44244-8 2006


A pervasive role of ubiquitin conjugation in activation and termination of IkappaB kinase pathways.
Krappmann, D. and Scheidereit, C.
EMBO Reports 6 (4): 321-326. 1 January 2005

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