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Novel RNA modifications in the nervous system: form and function

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Item Type:Article
Title:Novel RNA modifications in the nervous system: form and function
Creators Name:Satterlee, J.S. and Basanta-Sanchez, M. and Blanco, S. and Li, J.B. and Meyer, K. and Pollock, J. and Sadri-Vakili, G. and Rybak-Wolf, A.
Abstract:Modified RNA molecules have recently been shown to regulate nervous system functions. This mini-review and associated mini-symposium provide an overview of the types and known functions of novel modified RNAs in the nervous system, including covalently modified RNAs, edited RNAs, and circular RNAs. We discuss basic molecular mechanisms involving RNA modifications as well as the impact of modified RNAs and their regulation on neuronal processes and disorders, including neural fate specification, intellectual disability, neurodegeneration, dopamine neuron function, and substance use disorders.
Keywords:Brain, Glutamate Receptors, Methylation, RNA, RNA Editing, Substance-Related Disorders, Untranslated RNA, Animals
Source:Journal of Neuroscience
Publisher:Society for Neuroscience
Page Range:15170-15177
Date:12 November 2014
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3236-14.2014
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