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Effects of silibinin on growth and invasive properties of human ovarian carcinoma cells through suppression of heregulin/HER3 pathway.
Momeny, M. and Ghasemi, R. and Valenti, G. and Miranda, M. and Zekri, A. and Zarrinrad, G. and Javadikooshesh, S. and Yaghmaie, M. and Alimoghaddam, K. and Ghavamzadeh, A. and Ghaffari, S.H.
Tumor Biology 37 (3): 3913-3923. March 2016


What makes MUC1 a tumor antigen?
Karsten, U. and von Mensdorff-Pouilly, S. and Goletz, S.
Tumor Biology 26 (4): 217-220. 6 July 2005


Isolation and characterization of Thomsen-Friedenreich-specific antibodies from human serum.
Butschak, G. and Karsten, U.
Tumor Biology 23 (3): 113-122. May 2002


Effects of differentiation inducers on cell phenotypes of cultured nontransformed and immortalized mammary epithelial cells: A comparative immunocytochemical analysis.
Gruenberg, E. and Eckert, K. and Karsten, U. and Maurer, H.R.
Tumor Biology 21 (4): 211-223. July 2000

Cell adhesion inhibition by glycoliposomes: Effects of vesicle diameter and ligand density.
Stahn, R. and Zeisig, R.
Tumor Biology 21 (3): 176-186. 1 May 2000


Inhibition of liver metastases from neuraminidase-treated colon 26 cells by an anti-thomsen-friedenreich-specific monoclonal antibody.
Shigeoka, H. and Karsten, U. and Okuno, K.
Tumor Biology 20 : 139-146. 1 January 1999


Immunohistochemical characterization of a panel of 56 antibodies with normal human small intestine, colon, and breast tissues.
Cao, Y. and Karsten, U. and Hilgers, J.
Tumor Biology 19 (suppl 1) : 88-99. 1 January 1998

Summary report on the ISOBM TD-4 Workshop: analysis of 56 monoclonal antibodies against the MUC1 mucin.
Price, M. and Rye, P. and Petrakou, E. and Murray, A. and Brady, K. and Imai, S. and Haga, S. and Kiyozuka, Y. and Schol, D. and Meulenbroek, M. and Snijdewint, F. and von Mensdorff-Pouilly, S. and Verstraeten, R. and Kenemans, P. and Blockzjil, A. and Nilsson, K. and Nilsson, O. and Reddish, M. and Suresh, M. and Koganty, R. and Fortier, S. and Baronic, L. and Berg, A. and Longenecker, M. and Hilkens, J. and Boer, M. and Karanikas, V. and McKenzie, I. and Galanina, O. and Simeon, L. and Ter-Grigoryan, A. and Belyanchikov, I. and Bovin, N. and Cao, Y. and Karsten, U. and Dai, J. and Allard, W. and Davis, G. and Yeunng, K. and Hanisch, F.G. and Lloyd, K. and Kudryashov, V. and Sikut, R. and Sikut, A. and Zhang, K. and Baeckstroem, D. and Hansson, G. and Reis, C. and Hassan, H. and Bennett, E. and Clausen, H. and Norum, L. and Varaas, T. and Kierulf, B. and Nustad, K. and Ciborowski, P. and Konitzki, W. and Magarian-Blander, J. and Finn, O.J. and Hilgers, J.
Tumor Biology 19, Suppl.1 : 1-20. 1998

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