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Patients with steroid refractory acute vascular rejection develop agonistic antibodies targeting angiotensin II type 1 receptor.
Dragun, D. and Braesen, J.H. and Schoenemann, C. and Fritsche, L. and Budde, K. and Neumayer, H.H. and Luft, F.C. and Wallukat, G.
Transplantation Proceedings 35 (6): 2104-2105. September 2003

Bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in transplanted patients: findings on spirometrically guided high-resolution computed tomography.
Ewert, R. and Knollmann, F.D. and Dandel, M. and Bettmann, M. and Wensel, R. and Knosalla, C. and Hummel, M. and Grauhahn, O. and Hetzer, R.
Transplantation Proceedings 33 : 3576-3577. 1 November 2001

Prognosis in patients with primary pulmonary hypertension awaiting lung transplantation.
Ewert, R. and Wensel, R. and Opitz, C. and Habedank, D. and Lodziewski, S. and Hummel, M. and Knosalla, C. and Kapell, S. and Dandel, M. and Hetzer, R.
Transplantation Proceedings 33 : 3574-3575. 1 November 2001

Correlation of angiographic and immunohistochemical findings in graft vessel disease after heart transplantation.
Hiemann, N.E. and Meyer, R. and Wellnhofer, E. and Klimek, W.J. and Bocksch, W. and Hetzer, R.
Transplantation Proceedings 33 : 1586-1590. 1 February 2001

Telemetric system for ambulatory lung function analysis in transplanted patients.
Ewert, R. and Wensel, R. and Mueller, J. and Hetzer, R.
Transplantation Proceedings 32 : 204-205. 1 February 2000

Rat embryonic stem cells: a progress report.
Brenin, D.R. and Look, J. and Bader, M. and Huebner, N. and Levan, G. and Iannaccone, P.
Transplantation Proceedings 29 : 1761-1765. 1 January 1997

Long-term results of conversion from existing to microemulsion formulation of cyclosporine.
Neumayer, H.H. and Faerber, L. and Budde, K. and Kohnen, R. and Maibuecher, A. and Schuster, A. and Vollmar, J. and Waiser, J. and Luft, F.C.
Transplantation Proceedings 28 : 2207-2213. 1 January 1996

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