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The inhibition of the integrin VLA-4 in MV3 melanoma cell binding by non-anticoagulant heparin derivatives.
Schlesinger, M. and Schmitz, P. and Zeisig, R. and Naggi, A. and Torri, G. and Casu, B. and Bendas, G.
Thrombosis Research 129 (5): 603-610. May 2012

A genome-wide search for genes affecting-circulating fibrinogen levels in the Framingham Heart Study.
Yang, Q. and Tofler, G.H. and Cupples, L.A. and Larson, M.G. and Feng, D.L. and Lindpaintner, K. and Levy, D. and D'Agostino, R.B. and O'Donnell, C.J.
Thrombosis Research 110 (1): 57-64. 15 April 2003

Plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 in cardiovascular disease: Status report 2001.
Huber, K. and Christ, G. and Wojta, J. and Gulba, D.
Thrombosis Research 103 (Suppl 1): S7-S19. 30 September 2001


Linking proteolysis to lipids.
Kusch, A.
Thrombosis Research 123 (2): 191-193. December 2008

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