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Structural and energetic origins of sequence-specific DNA bending: Monte Carlo simulations of papillomavirus E2-DNA binding sites.
Rohs, R. and Sklenar, H. and Shakked, Z.
Structure with Folding & Design 13 (10): 1499-1509. 1 October 2005


Protein disorder prediction: Implications for structural proteomics.
Linding, R. and Jensen, L.J. and Diella, F. and Bork, P. and Gibson, T.J. and Russell, R.B.
Structure with Folding & Design 11 (11): 1453-1459. 1 November 2003


The three-dimensional structure of the HRDC domain and implications for the Werner and Bloom syndrome proteins.
Liu, Z. and Macias, M.J. and Bottomley, M.J. and Stier, G. and Linge, J.P. and Nilges, M. and Bork, P. and Sattler, M.
Structure with Folding & Design 7 : 1557-1566. 15 December 1999


The 80S rat liver ribosome at 25 angstrom resolution by electron cryomicroscopy and angular reconstitution.
Dube, P. and Wieske, M. and Stark, H. and Schatz, M. and Stahl, J. and Zemlin, F. and Lutsch, G. and van Heel, M.
Structure with Folding & Design 6 (3): 389-399. 15 March 1998


The crystal structure of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) refined to 1.93 A resolution: multiple copy flexibility and receptor binding.
Muller, Y.A. and Christinger, H.W. and Keyt, B.A. and de Vos, A.M.
Structure with Folding & Design 5 (10): 1325-1338. 15 October 1997

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