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Placental miR-1301 is dysregulated in early-onset preeclampsia and inversely correlated with maternal circulating leptin.
Weedon-Fekjaer, M.S. and Sheng, Y. and Sugulle, M. and Johnsen, G.M. and Herse, F. and Redman, C.W. and Lyle, R. and Dechend, R. and Staff, A.C.
Placenta 35 (9): 709-717. September 2014

Expression profiling of autophagy associated genes in placentas of preeclampsia.
Goldman-Wohl, D. and Cesla, T. and Smith, Y. and Greenfield, C. and Dechend, R. and Staff, A.C. and Sugulle, M. and Weedon-Fekjær, M.S. and Johnsen, G.M. and Yagel, S. and Haimov-Kochman, R.
Placenta 34 (10): 959-962. October 2013

Changes in endovascular trophoblast invasion and spiral artery remodelling at term in a transgenic preeclamptic rat model.
Geusens, N. and Hering, L. and Verlohren, S. and Luyten, C. and Drijkoningen, K. and Taube, M. and Vercruysse, L. and Hanssens, M. and Dechend, R. and Pijnenborg, R.
Placenta 31 (4): 320-326. April 2010

Endovascular trophoblast invasion, spiral artery remodelling and uteroplacental haemodynamics in a transgenic rat model of pre-eclampsia.
Geusens, N. and Verlohren, S. and Luyten, C. and Taube, M. and Hering, L. and Vercruysse, L. and Hanssens, M. and Dudenhausen, J.W. and Dechend, R. and Pijnenborg, R.
Placenta 29 (7): 614-623. July 2008

Murine pre-eclampsia induced by unspecific activation of the immune system correlates with alterations in the eNOS and AT1 receptor expression in the kidneys and placenta.
Schmid, M. and Sollwedel, A. and Thuere, C. and Wafula, P.O. and Zenclussen, M.L. and Mueller, D.N. and Gratze, P. and Woiciechowsky, C. and Volk, H.D. and Zenclussen, A.C.
Placenta 28 (7): 688-700. August 2007

Pre-eclampsia as a 'three stage problem' - a workshop report.
Stepan, H. and Faber, R. and Froster, U.G. and Heinritz, W. and Wallaschofski, H. and Dechend, R. and Walther, T. and Huppertz, B.
Placenta 25 : 585-587. 1 July 2004


Preeclampsia, acute atherosis of the spiral arteries and future cardiovascular disease: Two new hypotheses.
Staff, A.C. and Dechend, R. and Redman, C.W.G.
Placenta 34 (Suppl.): S73-S78. March 2013


IFPA Meeting 2011 workshop report I: Placenta: Predicting future health; roles of lipids in the growth and development of feto-placental unit; placental nutrient sensing; placental research to solve clinical problems - a translational approach.
Acharya, G. and Albrecht, C. and Benton, S.J. and Cotechini, T. and Dechend, R. and Dilworth, M.R. and Duttaroy, A.K. and Grotmol, T. and Heazell, A.E. and Jansson, T. and Johnstone, E.D. and Jones, H.N. and Jones, R.L. and Lager, S. and Laine, K. and Nagirnaja, L. and Nystad, M. and Powell, T. and Redman, C. and Sadovsky, Y. and Sibley, C. and Troisi, R. and Wadsack, C. and Westwood, M. and Lash, G.E.
Placenta 33 (Suppl): S4-S8. February 2012

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