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Emergence of information transmission in a prebiotic RNA reactor.
Obermayer, B. and Krammer, H. and Braun, D. and Gerland, U.
Physical Review Letters 107 (1): 018101. 1 July 2011

Probing the electronic structure of the hemoglobin active center in physiological solutions.
Aziz, E.F. and Ottosson, N. and Bonhommeau, S. and Bergmann, N. and Eberhardt, W. and Chergui, M.
Physical Review Letters 102 (6): 068103. 13 February 2009

Coupling of transverse and longitudinal response in stiff polymers.
Obermayer, B. and Hallatschek, O.
Physical Review Letters 99 (9): 098302. 31 August 2007

Stability of membrane bound reactions.
Thul, R. and Falcke, M.
Physical Review Letters 93 (18): 188103. 29 October 2004

Stress-energy tensor for a massless spin 1/2 field in static black hole spacetimes.
Carlson, E.D. and Hirsch, W.H. and Obermayer, B. and Anderson, P.R. and Groves, P.B.
Physical Review Letters 91 (5): 051301. 1 August 2003

Discrete stochastic modeling of calcium channel dynamics.
Baer, M. and Falcke, M. and Levine, H. and Tsimring, L.S.
Physical Review Letters 84 (24): 5664-5667. 12 June 2000

Dispersion gap and localized spiral waves in a model for intracellular Ca2+ dynamics.
Falcke, M. and Or-Guil, M. and Baer, M.
Physical Review Letters 84 (20): 4753-4756. 15 May 2000

Pattern selection by gene expression in Dictyostelium discoideum.
Falcke, M. and Levine, H.
Physical Review Letters 80 (17): 3875-3878. April 1998

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