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In memoriam: Stephen B. McMahon, PhD, FMedSci December 21, 1954 to October 9, 2021.
Bennett, D.L.H. and Bradbury, E.J. and Lewin, G.R. and Rice, A.S.C.
Pain 163 (3): 403-405. March 2022


William D. Willis, Jr, MD, PhD Memorial Lecture: the evolutionary history of nerve growth factor and nociception.
Lewin, G.R.
Pain 161 (9 Suppl 1): S36-S47. September 2020

Longitudinal prevalence and determinants of pain in multiple sclerosis: results from the German National Multiple Sclerosis Cohort study.
Heitmann, H. and Haller, B. and Tiemann, L. and Mühlau, M. and Berthele, A. and Tölle, T.R. and Salmen, A. and Ambrosius, B. and Bayas, A. and Asseyer, S. and Hartung, H.P. and Heesen, C. and Stangel, M. and Wildemann, B. and Haars, S. and Groppa, S. and Luessi, F. and Kümpfel, T. and Nischwitz, S. and Meuth, S.G. and Klotz, L. and Linker, R.A. and Zettl, U.K. and Ziemann, U. and Tumani, H. and Tackenberg, B. and Zipp, F. and Wiendl, H. and Gold, R. and Hemmer, B. and Ploner, M.
Pain 161 (4): 787-796. April 2020


Inhibition of c-Kit signaling is associated with reduced heat and cold pain sensitivity in humans.
Ceko, M. and Milenkovic, N. and Le Coutre, P. and Westermann, J. and Lewin, G.R.
Pain 155 (7): 1222-1228. July 2014


Gα(q/11) signaling tonically modulates nociceptor function and contributes to activity-dependent sensitization.
Tappe-Theodor, A. and Constantin, C.E. and Tegeder, I. and Lechner, S.G. and Langeslag, M. and Lepcynzsky, P. and Wirotanseng, R.I. and Kurejova, M. and Agarwal, N. and Nagy, G. and Todd, A. and Wettschureck, N. and Offermanns, S. and Kress, M. and Lewin, G.R. and Kuner, R.
Pain 153 (1): 184-196. January 2012


Autoimmunity against the beta(2) adrenergic receptor and muscarinic-2 receptor in complex regional pain syndrome.
Kohr, D. and Singh, P. and Tschernatsch, M. and Kaps, M. and Pouokam, E. and Diener, M. and Kummer, W. and Birklein, F. and Vincent, A. and Goebel, A. and Wallukat, G. and Blaes, F.
Pain 152 (12): 2690-2700. December 2011


Ultraviolet-B-induced mechanical hyperalgesia: A role for peripheral sensitisation.
Bishop, T. and Marchand, F. and Young, A.R. and Lewin, G.R. and McMahon, S.B.
Pain 150 (1): 141-152. July 2010


Stretching it for pain.
Lewin, G.R.
Pain 137 (1): 3-4. July 2008


The high threshold mechanotransducer: A status report.
Hu, J. and Milenkovic, N. and Lewin, G.R.
Pain 120 (1-2): 3-7. January 2006


Phantom phenomena in mastectomized patients and their relation to chronic and acute pre-mastectomy pain.
Rothemund, Y. and Gruesser, S.M. and Liebeskind, U. and Schlag, P.M. and Flor, H.
Pain 107 (1-2): 140-146. 1 January 2004

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