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Clinical outcome in patients with carcinoma of the esophagogastric junction treated with neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy or perioperative chemotherapy: a two-enter retrospective analysis.
Wundsam, H.V. and Doleschal, B. and Prommer, R. and Venhoda, C. and Schmitt, C. and Petzer, A. and Metz-Gercek, S. and Rumpold, H.
Oncology 98 (10): 706-713. October 2020


Clinical relevance of sialyltransferases ST6GAL-I and ST3GAL-III in gastric cancer.
Gretschel, S. and Haensch, W. and Schlag, P.M. and Kemmner, W.
Oncology 65 (2): 139-145. 2003


Immunoreactivity of monoclonal antibody BW835 represents a marker of progression and prognosis in early gastric cancer.
Baldus, S.E. and Zirbes, T. and Glossmann, J. and Fromm, S. and Hanisch, F.G. and Moenig, S.P. and Schroeder, W. and Schneider, P.M. and Flucke, U. and Karsten, U. and Thiele, J. and Hoelscher, A.H. and Dienes, H.P.
Oncology 61 (2): 147-155. 1 January 2001


Weekly 24-Hour infusion of high-dose 5-fluorouracil plus folinic acid in combination with mitomycin C for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.
Kretzschmar, A. and Reichardt, P. and Thuss-Patience, P.C. and Hohenberger, P. and Benter, T. and Doerken, B. and Koehne, C.H.
Oncology 59 (1): 14-17. June 2000

Sequential trimetrexate, 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid are effective and well tolerated in metastatic colorectal carcinoma. The phase II study group of the AIO.
Szelenyi, H. and Hohenberger, P. and Lochs, H. and Haboubi, N. and Berdel, W.E. and Thiel, E. and Kreuser, E.D.
Oncology 58 : 273-279. 1 May 2000


Is continuous 24-Hour Infusion of 5-fluorouracil plus high-dose folinic acid effective in patients with progressive or recurrent colorectal cancer? A phase II study.
Hartmann, J.T. and Koehne, C.H. and Schmoll, H.J. and Daikeler, T. and Kanz, L. and Bokemeyer, C.
Oncology 55 : 320-325. 1 January 1998

Clinical management and current research in isolated limb perfusion for sarcoma melanoma.
Hohenberger, P. and Kettelhack, C.
Oncology 55 : 89-102. 1 January 1998

A pilot study on intensive weekly 24-hour intra-arterial infusion with 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid for colorectal liver metastases.
Lorenz, M. and Staib-Sebler, E. and Gog, C. and Petrowsky, H. and Koehne, C.H. and Encke, A.
Oncology 55 : 53-58. 1 January 1998


Phase II evaluation of 5-fluorouracil plus folinic acid and alpha2b-interferon in metastatic colorectal cancer.
Koehne, C.H. and Wilke, H. and Hiddemann, W. and Bokemeyer, C. and Lohrmann, H.P. and Bodenstein, H. and Preiss, J. and Rauschecker, H. and Hill, H. and Kaeufer, C. and Fischer, J.T. and Ohl, U. and Urbanitz, D. and Balleisen, L. and Schmoll, H.J.
Oncology 54 : 96-101. 1 January 1997


Homotypic aggregation and terminal glycosylation of cells from dissociated human colorectal tumor tissue.
Kemmner, W. and Schlag, P.M. and Moeller, P. and Brossmer, R.
Oncology 49 : 63-67. 1 January 1992

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