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New technologies for DNA analysis - a review of the READNA project.
McGinn, S. and Bauer, D. and Brefort, T. and Dong, L. and El-Sagheer, A. and Elsharawy, A. and Evans, G. and Falk-Sörqvist, E. and Forster, M. and Fredriksson, S. and Freeman, P. and Freitag, C. and Fritzsche, J. and Gibson, S. and Gullberg, M. and Gut, M. and Heath, S. and Heath-Brun, I. and Heron, A.J. and Hohlbein, J. and Ke, R. and Lancaster, O. and Le Reste, L. and Maglia, G. and Marie, R. and Mauger, F. and Mertes, F. and Mignardi, M. and Moens, L. and Oostmeijer, J. and Out, R. and Pedersen, J.N. and Persson, F. and Picaud, V. and Rotem, D. and Schracke, N. and Sengenes, J. and Stähler, P.F. and Stade, B. and Stoddart, D. and Teng, X. and Veal, C.D. and Zahra, N. and Bayley, H. and Beier, M. and Brown, T. and Dekker, C. and Ekström, B. and Flyvbjerg, H. and Franke, A. and Guenther, S. and Kapanidis, A.N. and Kaye, J. and Kristensen, A. and Lehrach, H. and Mangion, J. and Sauer, S. and Schyns, E. and Tost, J. and van Helvoort, J.M.L.M. and van der Zaag, P.J. and Tegenfeldt, J.O. and Brookes, A.J. and Mir, K. and Nilsson, M. and Willcocks, J.P. and Gut, I.G.
New Biotechnology 33 (3): 311-330. 25 May 2016


Youth careers in life sciences in Europe: a white paper.
Kaiser, P. and Danilowicz, E. and Valles, M.F. and Keller, D. and Lescai, F.
New Biotechnology 27 (2): 101-103. 31 May 2010


Quantification of target proteins using hydrogel antibody arrays and MALDI time-of-flight mass spectrometry (A2M2S).
Darii, E. and Lebeau, D. and Papin, N. and Rubina, A.Y. and Stomakhin, A. and Tost, J. and Sauer, S. and Savvateeva, E. and Dementieva, E. and Zasedatelev, A. and Makarov, A.A. and Gut, I.G.
New Biotechnology 25 (6): 404-416. 15 September 2009


International science careers survey: staying a step ahead.
Rindoks, A. and Danilowicz, E.
New Biotechnology 25 (2-3): 125. October 2008

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