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Interactions between neural decision-making circuits predict long-term dietary treatment success in obesity.
Weygandt, M. and Spranger, J. and Leupelt, V. and Maurer, L. and Bobbert, T. and Mai, K. and Haynes, J.D.
NeuroImage 184 : 520-534. 1 January 2019


Somatosensory BOLD fMRI reveals close link between salient blood pressure changes and the murine neuromatrix.
Reimann, H.M. and Todiras, M. and Hodge, Russ and Huelnhagen, T. and Millward, J.M. and Turner, R. and Seeliger, E. and Bader, M. and Pohlmann, A. and Niendorf, T.
NeuroImage 172 : 562-574. 15 May 2018


Power estimation for non-standardized multisite studies.
Keshavan, A. and Paul, F. and Beyer, M.K. and Zhu, A.H. and Papinutto, N. and Shinohara, R.T. and Stern, W. and Amann, M. and Bakshi, R. and Bischof, A. and Carriero, A. and Comabella, M. and Crane, J.C. and D'Alfonso, S. and Demaerel, P. and Dubois, B. and Filippi, M. and Fleischer, V. and Fontaine, B. and Gaetano, L. and Goris, A. and Graetz, C. and Gröger, A. and Groppa, S. and Hafler, D.A. and Harbo, H.F. and Hemmer, B. and Jordan, K. and Kappos, L. and Kirkish, G. and Llufriu, S. and Magon, S. and Martinelli-Boneschi, F. and McCauley, J. and Montalban, X. and Muhlau, M. and Pelletier, D. and Pattany, P.M. and Pericak-Vance, M. and Rebeix, I. and Rocca, M. and Rovira, A. and Schlaeger, R. and Saiz, A. and Sprenger, T. and Stecco, A. and Uitdehaag, B.M.J. and Villoslada, P. and Wattjes, M.P. and Weiner, H. and Wuerfel, J. and Zimmer, C. and Zipp, F. and Hauser, S. and Oksenberg, J.R. and Henry, R.G.
NeuroImage 134 : 281-294. 1 July 2016


Impulse control in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex counteracts post-diet weight regain in obesity.
Weygandt, M. and Mai, K. and Dommes, E. and Ritter, K. and Leupelt, V. and Spranger, J. and Haynes, J.D.
NeuroImage 109 : 318-327. 1 April 2015


Multi-scale classification of disease using structural MRI and wavelet transform.
Hackmack, K. and Paul, F. and Weygandt, M. and Allefeld, C. and Haynes, J.D.
NeuroImage 62 (1): 48-58. 1 August 2012

From a concept to a word in a syntactically complete sentence: an fMRI study on spontaneous language production in an overt picture description task.
Grande, M. and Meffert, E. and Schoenberger, E. and Jung, S. and Frauenrath, T. and Huber, W. and Hussmann, K. and Moormann, M. and Heim, S.
NeuroImage 61 (3): 702-714. 2 July 2012


MR-elastography reveals degradation of tissue integrity in multiple sclerosis.
Wuerfel, J. and Paul, F. and Beierbach, B. and Hamhaber, U. and Klatt, D. and Papazoglou, S. and Zipp, F. and Martus, P. and Braun, J. and Sack, I.
NeuroImage 49 (3): 2520-2525. 1 February 2010


Targeting activated microglia in Alzheimer's pathology by intraventricular delivery of a phagocytosable MRI contrast agent in APP23 transgenic mice.
Mundt, A.P. and Winter, C. and Mueller, S. and Wuerfel, J. and Tysiak, E. and Schnorr, J. and Taupitz, M. and Heinz, A. and Juckel, G.
NeuroImage 46 (2): 367-372. June 2009


Catechol-O-methyltransferase val158met genotype influences neural processing of reward anticipation.
Schmack, K. and Schlagenhauf, F. and Sterzer, P. and Wrase, J. and Beck, A. and Dembler, T. and Kalus, P. and Puls, I. and Sander, T. and Heinz, A. and Gallinat, J.
NeuroImage 42 (4): 1053-8119. 1 October 2008

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