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Significant reduced loss of bone mineral density after four vs. six cycles of R-CHOP: an analysis of the FLYER-trial.
Kaddu-Mulindwa, D. and Lesan, V. and Berdel, C. and Stilgenbauer, S. and Bewarder, M. and Thurner, L. and Witzens-Harig, M. and Viardot, A. and Soekler, M. and Keller, U. and Truemper, L. and Christofyllakis, K. and Fleser, O. and Bittenbring, J.T. and Poeschel, V. and Held, G. and Jagoda, P.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 63 (2): 326-334. February 2022

Ibrutinib- and bortezomib-extended R-CHOP induction in elderly higher-risk patients newly diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma - first analysis of toxicity and efficacy signals.
Denker, S. and Bittner, A. and Frick, M. and Kase, J. and Hoffmann, J. and Trenker, C. and Keller, U. and Bogner, C. and Hüttmann, A. and Dürig, J. and Janz, M. and Mathas, S. and Marks, R. and Krohn, U. and Na, I.K. and Bullinger, L. and Schmitt, C.A.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 63 (1): 84-92. January 2022


Cerebral EBV-positive PTLD controlled by PD-1 checkpoint blockade in a liver transplant patient.
Bittner, A. and Radke, J. and Eurich, D. and Wiener, E. and Denker, S. and Anagnostopoulos, I. and Na, I.K. and Heppner, F.L. and Bullinger, L. and Schmitt, C.A.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 62 (8): 2026-2029. August 2021


Gene expression analysis of decitabine treated AML: high impact of tumor suppressor gene expression changes.
Bohl, S.R. and Dolnik, A. and Jensen, T. and Lang, K.M. and Hackanson, B. and Gaidzik, V.I. and Paschka, P. and Knudsen, S. and Döhner, K. and Döhner, H. and Claus, R. and Lübbert, M. and Bullinger, L.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 58 (9): 2264-2267. 2 September 2017


Up-regulated MSI2 is associated with more aggressive chronic myeloid leukemia.
Kaeda, J. and Ringel, F. and Oberender, C. and Mills, K. and Quintarelli, C. and Pane, F. and Koschmieder, S. and Slany, R. and Schwarzer, R. and Saglio, G. and Hemmati, P. and van Lessen, A. and Amini, L. and Greese, M. and Vagge, E. and Burmeister, T. and Serra, A. and Carson, A. and Schwarz, M. and Westermann, J. and Jundt, F. and Doerken, B. and le Coutre, P.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 56 (7): 2105-2113. July 2015

Differential expression of SHP-1 in chronic myeloid leukemia.
Kaeda, J. and Neuman, D. and Bonecker, S. and Mills, K. and Oberender, C. and Amini, L. and Ringel, F. and Serra, A. and Schwarz, M. and Doerken, B. and Zalcberg, I. and Le Coutre, P.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 56 (5): 1547-1549. May 2015


JAK2 V617F allele burden quantified by real time quantitative polymerase chain reaction and competitive polymerase chain reaction in patients with chronic myeloproliferative neoplasia.
Kaeda, J. and Bonamino, M. and Ayres-Silva, J. and Solza, C. and Ringel, F. and Blau, O. and Daumas, A. and Oberender, C. and Doerken, B. and Le Coutre, P. and Zalcberg, I.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 55 (1): 128-135. January 2014


Sequencing of NUMB transcripts in chronic myeloid leukaemia detects two single nucleotide polymorphisms.
Oberender, C. and Kaeda, J. and Pawlaczyk-Peter, B. and Daniel, P. and Arnold, R. and Doerken, B. and le Coutre, P.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 54 (2): 421-422. February 2013


Long-term follow-up of patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia after stem cell mobilization under imatinib.
Kim, T.D. and Schwarz, M. and Kreuzer, K.A. and Kaeda, J. and Movassaghi, K. and Grille, P. and Daniel, P.T. and Doerken, B. and le Coutre, P.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 52 (3): 517-520. March 2011


Salvage therapy for relapsed mediastinal B-cell lymphoma with allogeneic HLA-identical related donor bone marrow transplantation, donor lymphocyte infusion and IDEC-C2B8.
Ratei, R. and Matylis, A. and Krahl, D. and Arnold, R. and Stein, H. and Doerken, B. and Ludwig, W.D.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 40 (1-2): 133-140. December 2000


Expression of the C-kit receptor (CD117) is a feature of almost all subtypes of de novo acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML), including cytogenetically good-risk AML, and lacks prognostic significance.
Schwartz, S. and Heinecke, A. and Zimmermann, M. and Creutzig, U. and Schoch, C. and Harbott, J. and Fonatsch, C. and Loeffler, H. and Buechner, T. and Ludwig, W.D. and Thiel, E.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 34 (1-2): 85-94. June 1999


Clinical, morphologic, cytogenetic and prognostic implications of CD34 expression in childhood and adult de novo AML.
Sperling, C. and Buechner, T. and Creutzig, U. and Ritter, J. and Harbott, J. and Fonatsch, C. and Sauerland, C. and Mielcarek, M. and Maschmeyer, G. and Loeffler, H. and Ludwig, W.D.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 17 : 417-426. 1 January 1995


Immunophenotypic features of childhood and adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL): experience of the German Multicentre Trials ALL-BFM and GMALL.
Ludwig, W.D. and Reiter, A. and Loeffler, H. and Goekbuget, N. and Hoelzer, D. and Riehm, H. and Thiel, E.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 13 Suppl. 1 : 71-76. 1 January 1994

Combined immunophenotyping and karyotyping in peripheral T cell lymphomas demonstrating different clonal and nonclonal chromosome aberrations in T helper cells.
Schlegelberger, B. and Weber-Matthiesen, K. and Sterry, W. and Bartels, H. and Sonnen, R. and Maschmeyer, G. and Feller, A.C. and Grote, W.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 15 : 113-125. 1 January 1994


The role of GM-CSF in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia.
Buechner, T. and Hiddemann, W. and Woermann, B. and Rottmann, R. and Maschmeyer, G. and Ludwig, W.D. and Zuehlsdorf, M. and Buntkirchen, K. and Sander, A. and Aswald, J. and Binder, I. and Prisett, S. and Sauerland, M.C.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 11 Suppl. 2 : 21-24. 1 January 1993

High-dose versus intermediate dose cytosine arabinoside combined with mitoxantrone for the treatment of relapsed and refractory acute myeloid leukemia: results of an age adjusted randomized comparison.
Hiddemann, W. and Aul, C. and Maschmeyer, G. and Schoenrock-Nabulsi, R. and Ludwig, W.D. and Bartholomaeus, A. and Bettelheim, P. and Becker, K. and Balleisen, L. and Lathan, B. and Koeppler, H. and Grueneisen, T. and Donhuijsen-Ant, R. and Reichle, A. and Heinecke, A. and Sauerland, C. and Buechner, T.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 10 Suppl. : 133-137. 1 January 1993


AMSA combination chemotherapy in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia unsuitable for standard antileukemic treatment.
Maschmeyer, G. and Willborn, K. and Heit, W.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 8 : 365-369. 1 January 1992

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