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Endothelin antagonists and the quest for a new therapeutic option in resistant hypertension.
Dechend, R. and Delles, C.
Lancet 400 (10367): 1900-1901. 3 December 2022

The global burden of cancer attributable to risk factors, 2010–19: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.
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A.H. and Molassiotis, A. and Molokhia, M. and Momenzadeh, K. and Momtazmanesh, S. and Monasta, L. and Mons, U. and Montasir, A.A. and Montazeri, F. and Montero, A. and Moosavi, M.A. and Moradi, A. and Moradi, Y. and Moradi Sarabi, M. and Moraga, P. and Morawska, L. and Morrison, S.D. and Morze, J. and Mosapour, A. and Mostafavi, E. and Mousavi, S.M. and Mousavi Isfahani, H. and Mousavi Khaneghah, A. and Mpundu-Kaambwa, C. and Mubarik, S. and Mulita, F. and Munblit, D. and Munro, S.B. and Murillo-Zamora, E. and Musa, J. and Nabhan, A.F. and Nagarajan, A.J. and Nagaraju, S.P. and Nagel, G. and Naghipour, M. and Naimzada, M.D. and Nair, T.S. and Naqvi, A.A. and Narasimha Swamy, S. and Narayana, A.I. and Nassereldine, H. and Natto, Z.S. and Nayak, B.P. and Ndejjo, R. and Nduaguba, S.O. and Negash, W.W. and Nejadghaderi, S.A. and Nejati, K. and Neupane Kandel, S. and Nguyen, H.V.N. and Niazi, R.K. and Noor, N.M. and Noori, M. and Noroozi, N. and Nouraei, H. and Nowroozi, A. and 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