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Aberrant adenosine triphosphate release and impairment of P2Y2-Mediated signaling in sarcoglycanopathies.
Benzi, A. and Baratto, S. and Astigiano, C. and Sturla, L. and Panicucci, C. and Mamchaoui, K. and Raffaghello, L. and Bruzzone, S. and Gazzerro, E. and Bruno, C.
Laboratory Investigation 103 (3): 100037. March 2023


Increased expression of (pro)renin receptor does not cause hypertension or cardiac and renal fibrosis in mice.
Rosendahl, A. and Niemann, G. and Lange, S. and Ahadzadeh, E. and Krebs, C. and Contrepas, A. and van Goor, H. and Wiech, T. and Bader, M. and Schwake, M. and Peters, J. and Stahl, R. and Nguyen, G. and Wenzel, U.O.
Laboratory Investigation 94 (8): 863-872. August 2014


Bradykinin inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis in obese mice.
Castilho Barros, C. and Haro, A. and Russo, F.J. and Schadock, I. and Soares Almeida, S. and Castellani Reis, F. and Rocha Moraes, M. and Haidar, A. and Hirata, A.E. and Mori, M.A. and Pereira Bacurau, R.F. and Wuertele, M. and Bader, M. and Bosco Pesquero, J. and Araujo, R.C.
Laboratory Investigation 92 (10): 1419-1427. October 2012


Darbepoetin-α inhibits the perpetuation of necro-inflammation and delays the progression of cholestatic fibrosis in mice.
Sigal, M. and Siebert, N. and Zechner, D. and Menschikow, E. and Abshagen, K. and Vollmar, B. and Eipel, C.
Laboratory Investigation 90 (10): 1447-1456. October 2010


Microsatellite alterations in serum DNA of patients with colorectal cancer.
Koelble, K. and Ullrich, O.M. and Pidde, H. and Barthel, B. and Diermann, J. and Rudolph, B. and Dietel, M. and Schlag, P.M. and Scherneck, S.
Laboratory Investigation 79 : 1145-1150. 1 September 1999


MUC2 gene suppression in human colorectal carcinomas and their metastases: in vitro evidence of the modulatory role of DNA methylation.
Hanski, C. and Riede, E. and Gratchev, A. and Foss, H.D. and Boehm, C. and Klussmann, E. and Hummel, M. and Mann, B. and Buhr, H.J. and Stein, H. and Kim, Y.S. and Gum, J. and Riecken, E.O.
Laboratory Investigation 77 (6): 685-695. December 1997


Molecular phenotype of simian virus 40 large T antigen-induced primitive neuroectodermal tumors in four different lines of transgenic mice.
Fung, K.M. and Chikaraishi, D.M. and Suri, C. and Theuring, F. and Messing, A. and Albert, D.M. and Lee, V.M. and Trojanowski, J.Q.
Laboratory Investigation 70 : 114-124. 1 January 1994

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