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TaxIt: an iterative computational pipeline for untargeted strain-level identification using MS/MS spectra from pathogenic single-organism samples.
Kuhring, M. and Doellinger, J. and Nitsche, A. and Muth, T. and Renard, B.Y.
Journal of Proteome Research 19 (6): 2501-2510. 5 June 2020


Efficient application of de novo RNA assemblers for proteomics informed by transcriptomics.
Luge, T. and Fischer, C. and Sauer, S.
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (10): 3938-3943. 7 October 2016

Minichromosome maintenance complex is a critical node in the miR-183 signaling network of MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cells.
Lodrini, M. and Poschmann, G. and Schmidt, V. and Wünschel, J. and Dreidax, D. and Witt, O. and Höfer, T. and Meyer, H.E. and Stühler, K. and Eggert, A. and Deubzer, H.E.
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (7): 2178-2186. 1 July 2016

Proteomics quality control : a quality control software for MaxQuant results.
Bielow, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Kempa, S.
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (3): 777-787. 4 March 2016

Reproducibility of differential proteomic technologies in CPTAC fractionated xenografts.
Tabb, D.L. and Wang, X. and Carr, S.A. and Clauser, K.R. and Mertins, P. and Chambers, M.C. and Holman, J.D. and Wang, J. and Zhang, B. and Zimmerman, L.J. and Chen, X. and Gunawardena, H.P. and Davies, S.R. and Ellis, M.J.C. and Li, S. and Townsend, R.R. and Boja, E.S. and Ketchum, K.A. and Kinsinger, C.R. and Mesri, M. and Rodriguez, H. and Liu, T. and Kim, S. and McDermott, J.E. and Payne, S.H. and Petyuk, V.A. and Rodland, K.D. and Smith, R.D. and Yang, F. and Chan, D.W. and Zhang, B. and Zhang, H. and Zhang, Z. and Zhou, J.Y. and Liebler, D.C.
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (3): 691-706. 4 March 2016


Integrative analysis of transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data of white adipose and liver tissue of high-fat diet and rosiglitazone-treated insulin-resistant mice identified pathway alterations and molecular hubs.
Meierhofer, D. and Weidner, C. and Sauer, S.
Journal of Proteome Research 13 (12): 5592-5602. 5 December 2014

Ubiquitin profiling in liver using a transgenic mouse with biotinylated ubiquitin.
Lectez, B. and Migotti, R. and Lee, S.Y. and Ramirez, J. and Beraza, N. and Mansfield, B. and Sutherland, J. and Martinez-Chantar, M.L. and Dittmar, G. and Mayor, U.
Journal of Proteome Research 13 (6): 3016-3026. 6 June 2014


Production of glycosylated soluble amyloid precursor protein alpha (sAPPalpha) in Leishmania tarentolae.
Klatt, S. and Rohe, M. and Alagesan, K. and Kolarich, D. and Konthur, Z. and Hartl, D.
Journal of Proteome Research 12 (1): 396-403. 4 January 2013


Presymptomatic alterations in energy metabolism and oxidative stress in the APP23 mouse model of Alzheimer disease.
Hartl, D. and Schuldt, V. and Forler, S. and Zabel, C. and Klose, J. and Rohe, M.
Journal of Proteome Research 11 (6): 3295-3304. 8 May 2012


Kainate promotes alterations in neuronal RNA splicing machinery.
Rohe, M. and Nebrich, G. and Klein, O. and Mao, L. and Zabel, C. and Klose, J. and Hartl, D.
Journal of Proteome Research 10 (4): 1459-1467. 1 April 2011


Method for qualitative comparisons of protein mixtures based on enzyme-catalyzed stable-isotope incorporation.
Mirgorodskaya, E. and Wanker, E.E. and Otto, A. and Lehrach, H. and Gobom, J.
Journal of Proteome Research 4 (6): 2109-2116. 1 November 2005

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