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Infection of mature dendritic cells with herpes simplex virus type 1 dramatically reduces lymphoid chemokine-mediated migration.
Prechtel, A.T. and Turza, N.M. and Kobelt, D.J. and Eisemann, J.I. and Coffin, R.S. and McGrath, Y. and Hacker, C. and Ju, X.S. and Zenke, M. and Steinkasserer, A.
Journal of General Virology 86 (6): 1645-1657. 1 January 2005

In vivo replication of hamster polyomavirus DNA displays lymphotropism in hamsters susceptible to lymphoma induction.
Prokoph, H. and Arnold, W. and Schwartz, A. and Scherneck, S.
Journal of General Virology 77 Part 9 : 2165-2172. 1 January 1996

Cleavage site of the poliovirus receptor signal sequence.
Bibb, J.A. and Bernhardt, G. and Wimmer, E.
Journal of General Virology 75 : 1875-1881. 1 January 1994

Adeno-associated virus type 2 interferes with early development of mouse embryos.
Botquin-Rohe, V. and Cidarregui, A. and Schlehofer, J.R.
Journal of General Virology 75 : 2655-2662. 1 January 1994

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