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Increased retention of gadolinium in the inflamed brain after repeated administration of gadopentetate dimeglumine: a proof-of-concept study in mice combining ICP-MS and micro- and nano-SR-XRF.
Wang, S. and Hesse, B. and Roman, M. and Stier, D. and Castillo-Michel, H. and Cotte, M. and Suuronen, J.P. and Lagrange, A. and Radbruch, H. and Paul, F. and Taupitz, M. and Schellenberger, E. and Sack, I. and Infante-Duarte, C.
Investigative Radiology 54 (10): 617-626. October 2019


Quantitative, organ-specific interscanner and intrascanner variability for 3 T whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in a multicenter, multivendor study.
Schlett, C.L. and Hendel, T. and Hirsch, J. and Weckbach, S. and Caspers, S. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Ittermann, T. and von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F. and Ladd, S.C. and Moebus, S. and Stroszczynski, C. and Fischer, B. and Leitzmann, M. and Kuhl, C. and Pessler, F. and Hartung, D. and Kemmling, Y. and Hetterich, H. and Amunts, K. and Guenther, M. and Wacker, F. and Rummeny, E. and Kauczor, H.U. and Forsting, M. and Völzke, H. and Hosten, N. and Reiser, M.F. and Bamberg, F.
Investigative Radiology 51 (4): 255-265. April 2016


Diffusion-sensitized ophthalmic magnetic resonance imaging free of geometric distortion at 3.0 and 7.0 T: a feasibility study in healthy subjects and patients with intraocular masses.
Paul, K. and Graessl, A. and Rieger, J. and Lysiak, D. and Huelnhagen, T. and Winter, L. and Heidemann, R. and Lindner, T. and Hadlich, S. and Zimpfer, A. and Pohlmann, A. and Endemann, B. and Krüger, P.C. and Langner, S. and Stachs, O. and Niendorf, T.
Investigative Radiology 50 (5): 309-321. May 2015


Detailing the relation between renal T(2)* and renal tissue pO2 using an integrated approach of parametric magnetic resonance imaging and invasive physiological measurements.
Pohlmann, A. and Arakelyan, K. and Hentschel, J. and Cantow, K. and Flemming, B. and Ladwig, M. and Waiczies, S. and Seeliger, E. and Niendorf, T.
Investigative Radiology 49 (8): 547-560. August 2014

Ophthalmic magnetic resonance imaging at 7.0 T using a 6-channel transceiver radiofrequency coil array in healthy subjects and patients with intraocular masses.
Graessl, A. and Muhle, M. and Schwerter, M. and Rieger, J. and Oezerdem, C. and Santoro, D. and Lysiak, D. and Winter, L. and Hezel, F. and Waiczies, S. and Guthoff, R.F. and Falke, K. and Hosten, N. and Hadlich, S. and Krueger, P.C. and Langner, S. and Stachs, O. and Niendorf, T.
Investigative Radiology 49 (5): 260-270. May 2014

Low-dose nitrite alleviates early effects of an X-ray contrast medium on renal hemodynamics and oxygenation in rats.
Seeliger, E. and Cantow, K. and Arakelyan, K. and Ladwig, M. and Persson, P.B. and Flemming, B.
Investigative Radiology 49 (2): 70-77. February 2014


Feasibility of cardiac gating free of interference with electro-magnetic fields at 1.5 Tesla, 3.0 Tesla and 7.0 Tesla using an MR-stethoscope.
Frauenrath, T. and Hezel, F. and Heinrichs, U. and Kozerke, S. and Utting, J.F. and Kob, M. and Butenweg, C. and Boesiger, P. and Niendorf, T.
Investigative Radiology 44 (9): 539-547. September 2009

Feasibility of k-t BLAST for BOLD fMRI with a spin-echo based acquisition at 3 T and 7 T.
Utting, J.F. and Kozerke, S. and Luechinger, R. and Schnitker, R. and Vohn, R. and Bhanniny, R. and Tilbian, M. and Niendorf, T.
Investigative Radiology 44 (9): 495-502. September 2009


Assessment of late gadolinium enhancement in nonischemic cardiomyopathy: comparison of a fast Phase-Sensitive Inversion Recovery Sequence (PSIR) and a conventional segmented 2D gradient echo recall (GRE) sequence-preliminary findings.
Elgeti, T. and Abdel-Aty, H. and Wagner, M. and Busjahn, A. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Kivelitz, D. and Dietz, R. and Hamm, B.
Investigative Radiology 42 (10): 671-675. October 2007


Comprehensive cardiac magnetic resonance imaging at 3.0 Tesla: feasibility and implications for clinical applications.
Gutberlet, M. and Noeske, R. and Schwinge, K. and Freyhardt, P. and Felix, R. and Niendorf, T.
Investigative Radiology 41 (2): 154-167. February 2006


A feasibility study of contrast enhancement of acute myocardial infarction in multislice computed tomography: comparison with magnetic resonance imaging and gross morphology in pigs.
Buecker, A. and Katoh, M. and Krombach, G.A. and Spuentrup, E. and Bruners, P. and Guenther, R.W. and Niendorf, T. and Mahnken, A.H.
Investigative Radiology 40 (11): 700-704. November 2005


Histopathological correlation to MRI findings during and after laser-induced thermotherapy in a pig pancreas model.
Stroszczynski, C. and Hosten, N. and Puls, R. and Nagel, S. and Scholman, H.J. and Wlodarczyk, W. and Oettle, H. and Moesta, K.T. and Schlag, P.M. and Felix, R.
Investigative Radiology 36 (7): 413-421. 1 July 2001

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