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Screening of well-established drugs targeting cancer metabolism: reproducibility of the efficacy of a highly effective drug combination in mice.
Abolhassani, M. and Guais, A. and Sanders, E. and Campion, F. and Fichtner, I. and Bonte, J. and Baronzio, G. and Fiorentini, G. and Israel, M. and Schwartz, L.
Investigational New Drugs 30 (4): 1331-1342. August 2012

Combination therapy with the albumin-binding prodrug of doxorubicin (INNO-206) and doxorubicin achieves complete remissions and improves tolerability in an ovarian A2780 xenograft model.
Kratz, F. and Fichtner, I. and Graeser, R.
Investigational New Drugs 30 (4): 1743-1749. August 2012


Antiproliferative activity, mechanism of action and oral antitumor activity of CP-4126, a fatty acid derivative of gemcitabine, in in vitro and in vivo tumor models.
Bergman, A.M. and Adema, A.D. and Balzarini, J. and Bruheim, S. and Fichtner, I. and Noordhuis, P. and Fodstad, O. and Myhren, F. and Sandvold, M.L. and Hendriks, H.R. and Peters, G.J.
Investigational New Drugs 29 (3): 456-466. June 2011

Cellular pharmacology of multi- and duplex drugs consisting of ethynylcytidine and 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine.
Bijnsdorp, I.V. and Schwendener, R.A. and Schott, H. and Fichtner, I. and Smid, K. and Laan, A.C. and Schott, S. and Losekoot, N. and Honeywell, R.J. and Peters, G.J.
Investigational New Drugs 29 (2): 248-257. April 2011


INNO-206, the (6-maleimidocaproyl hydrazone derivative of doxorubicin), shows superior antitumor efficacy compared to doxorubicin in different tumor xenograft models and in an orthotopic pancreas carcinoma model.
Graeser, R. and Esser, N. and Unger, H. and Fichtner, I. and Zhu, A. and Unger, C. and Kratz, F.
Investigational New Drugs 28 (1): 14-19. February 2010


An open label, non-comparative phase II study of topotecan as salvage treatment for patients with soft tissue sarcoma.
Reichardt, P. and Oechsle, K. and Pink, D. and Bokemeyer, C. and Schneller, F. and Issels, R. and Kanz, L. and Hartmann, J.T.
Investigational New Drugs 21 : 481-486. 1 November 2003

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