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Analysis of cell type-specific responses mediated by the type IV secretion system of Helicobacter pylori.
Bauer, B. and Moese, S. and Bartfeld, S. and Meyer, T.F. and Selbach, M.
Infection and Immunity 73 (8): 4643-4652. August 2005


Helicobacter pylori induces AGS cell motility and elongation via independent signaling pathways.
Moese, S. and Selbach, M. and Kwok, T. and Brinkmann, V. and Koenig, W. and Meyer, T.F. and Backert, S.
Infection and Immunity 72 (6): 3646-3649. June 2004

Tyrosine kinase inhibition reduces inflammation in the acute stage of experimental pneumococcal meningitis.
Angstwurm, K. and Hanisch, U.K. and Gassemi, T. and Bille, M.B. and Prinz, M. and Dirnagl, U. and Kettenmann, H. and Weber, J.R.
Infection and Immunity 72 (6): 3294-3298. 1 January 2004


cag+ Helicobacter pylori induces homotypic aggregation of macrophage-like cells by up-regulation and recruitment of intracellular adhesion molecule 1 to the cell surface.
Moese, S. and Selbach, M. and Meyer, T.F. and Backert, S.
Infection and Immunity 70 (8): 4687-4691. August 2002

Functional analysis of the Helicobacter pylori cag pathogenicity island reveals both VirD4-CagA-dependent and VirD4-CagA-independent mechanisms.
Selbach, M. and Moese, S. and Meyer, T.F. and Backert, S.
Infection and Immunity 70 (2): 665-671. February 2002


Cellular uptake of the Clostridium perfringens binary iota-toxin.
Bloecker, D. and Behlke, J. and Aktories, K. and Barth, H.
Infection and Immunity 69 : 2980-2987. 1 January 2001

Proteomics reveals open reading frames in Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv not predicted by genomics.
Jungblut, P.R. and Mueller, E.C. and Mattow, J. and Kaufmann, S.H.E.
Infection and Immunity 69 : 5905-5907. 1 January 2001


Modulation of cardiocyte functional activity by antibodies against Trypanosoma cruzi ribosomal P2 protein C terminus.
Sepulveda, P. and Liegeard, P. and Wallukat, G. and Levin, M.J. and Hontebeyrie, M.
Infection and Immunity 68 : 5114-5119. 1 September 2000


Involvement of tubulin and inhibitory G proteins in the interaction of Listeria monocytogenes with mouse hepatocytes.
Buchwalow, I.B. and Emoto, M. and Brich, M. and Kaufmann, S.H.E.
Infection and Immunity 65 : 1095-1097. 1 January 1997


Human monocyte CD14 Is upregulated by lipopolysaccharide.
Landmann, R. and Knopf, H.P. and Link, S. and Sansano, S. and Schumann, R. and Zimmerli, W.
Infection and Immunity 64 (5): 1762-1769. 1 May 1996

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