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Glycan characterization of pregnancy-specific glycoprotein 1 and its identification as a novel Galectin-1 ligand.
Mendoza, M. and Lu, D. and Ballesteros, A. and Blois, S.M. and Abernathy, K. and Feng, C. and Dimitroff, C.J. and Zmuda, J. and Panico, M. and Dell, A. and Vasta, G.R. and Haslam, S.M. and Dveksler, G.
Glycobiology 30 (11): 895-909. November 2020


An essential serotype recognition pocket on phage P22 tailspike protein forces Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi A O-antigen fragments to bind as nonsolution conformers.
Andres, D. and Gohlke, U. and Broeker, N.K. and Schulze, S. and Rabsch, W. and Heinemann, U. and Barbirz, S. and Seckler, R.
Glycobiology 23 (4): 486-494. April 2013

Single amino acid exchange in bacteriophage HK620 tailspike protein results in thousand-fold increase of its oligosaccharide affinity.
Broeker, N.K. and Gohlke, U. and Müller, J.J. and Uetrecht, C. and Heinemann, U. and Seckler, R. and Barbirz, S.
Glycobiology 23 (1): 59-68. January 2013


Binding patterns of DTR-specific antibodies reveal a glycosylation-conditioned tumor-specific epitope of the epithelial mucin (MUC1).
Karsten, U. and Serttas, N. and Paulsen, H. and Danielczyk, A. and Goletz, S.
Glycobiology 14 (8): 681-692. 1 August 2004


The fucosylated histo-blood group antigens H type 2 (blood group O, CD173) and Lewis Y (CD174) are expressed on CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors but absent on mature lymphocytes.
Cao, Y. and Merling, A. and Karsten, U. and Schwartz-Albiez, R.
Glycobiology 11 (8): 677-683. 1 January 2001


Multivalent sialyl Lewis x ligands of definite structures as inhibitors of E-selectin mediated cell adhesion.
Stahn, R. and Schaefer, H. and Kernchen, F. and Schreiber, J.
Glycobiology 8 : 311-319. 1 January 1998


A sequencing strategy for the localization of O-glycosylation sites of MUC1 tandem repeats by PSD-MALDI mass spectrometry.
Goletz, S. and Thiede, B. and Hanisch, F.G. and Schultz, M. and Mueller, S. and Peter-Katalinic, J. and Seitz, O. and Karsten, U.
Glycobiology 7 : 881-896. 1 January 1997

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