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A comparison of nine machine learning mutagenicity models and their application for predicting pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
Helma, C. and Schöning, V. and Drewe, J. and Boss, P.
Frontiers in Pharmacology 12 : 708050. 22 July 2021


Bradykinin B2 receptor signaling increases glucose uptake and oxidation: evidence and open questions.
Gregnani, M.F. and Hungaro, T.G. and Martins-Silva, L. and Bader, M. and Araujo, R.C.
Frontiers in Pharmacology 11 : 1162. 4 August 2020


TRPM8 activation via 3-iodothyronamine blunts VEGF-induced transactivation of TRPV1 in human uveal melanoma cells.
Walcher, L. and Budde, C. and Böhm, A. and Reinach, P.S. and Dhandapani, P. and Ljubojevic, N. and Schweiger, M.W. and von der Waydbrink, H. and Reimers, I. and Köhrle, J. and Mergler, S.
Frontiers in Pharmacology 9 : 1234. 13 November 2018


Investigation of naturally occurring single-nucleotide variants in human TAAR1.
Muehlhaus, J. and Dinter, J. and Jyrch, S. and Teumer, A. and Jacobi, S.F. and Homuth, G. and Kuehnen, P. and Wiegand, S. and Grueters, A. and Voelzke, H. and Raile, K. and Kleinau, G. and Krude, H. and Biebermann, H.
Frontiers in Pharmacology 8 : 807. 24 November 2017


The trafficking of the water channel aquaporin-2 in renal principal cells-a potential target for pharmacological intervention in cardiovascular diseases.
Vukićević, T. and Schulz, M. and Faust, D. and Klussmann, E.
Frontiers in Pharmacology 7 : 23. 11 February 2016


Advancing cardiovascular, neurovascular, and renal magnetic resonance imaging in small rodents using cryogenic radiofrequency coil technology.
Niendorf, T. and Pohlmann, A. and Reimann, H.M. and Waiczies, H. and Peper, E. and Huelnhagen, T. and Seeliger, E. and Schreiber, A. and Kettritz, R. and Strobel, K. and Ku, M.C. and Waiczies, S.
Frontiers in Pharmacology 6 : 255. 12 November 2015

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