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Functional organization of secondary lymphoid organs by homeostatic chemokines.
Lipp, M. and Foerster, R. and Schubel, A. and Burgstahler, R. and Mueller, G. and Breitfeld, D. and Kremmer, E. and Wolf, E.
European Cytokine Network 11 (3): 504-505. 1 September 2000


Navigation of lymphocyte subsets by the chemokine system.
Lipp, M.
European Cytokine Network 10 : 265-266. 1 June 1999


Neutrophils and monocytes from subjects with the Mediterranean G6PD variant: effect of Plasmodium falciparum hemozoin on G6PD activity, oxidative burst and cytokine production.
Mordmueller, B. and Turrini, F. and Long, H. and Kremsner, P.G. and Arese, P.
European Cytokine Network 9 : 239-245. 1 September 1998


Tumor necrosis factor in Plasmodium falciparum malaria: high plasma level is associated with fever, but high production capacity is associated with rapid fever clearance.
Mordmueller, B.G. and Metzger, W.G. and Juillard, P. and Brinkman, B.M. and Verweij, C.L. and Grau, G.E. and Kremsner, P.G.
European Cytokine Network 8 : 29-35. 1 March 1997


Differences in the biological activity of TNFalpha and TNFbeta correlate with their different abilities for binding to the target cells.
Kircheis, R. and Milleck, J. and Korobko, V.G. and Shingarova, L.N. and Schmidt, H.E.
European Cytokine Network 3 : 381-390. 1 January 1992

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