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A cellular model of Brugada syndrome with SCN10A variants using human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
El-Battrawy, I. and Albers, S. and Cyganek, L. and Zhao, Z. and Lan, H. and Li, X. and Xu, Q. and Kleinsorge, M. and Huang, M. and Liao, Z. and Zhong, R. and Rudic, B. and Müller, J. and Dinkel, H. and Lang, S. and Diecke, S. and Zimmermann, W.H. and Utikal, J. and Wieland, T. and Borggrefe, M. and Zhou, X. and Akin, I.
Europace 21 (9): 1410-1421. September 2019

Time-dependent risk reduction of ventricular tachyarrhythmias in cardiac resynchronization therapy patients: a MADIT-RIT sub-study.
Stockburger, M. and Moss, A.J. and Olshansky, B. and Klein, H. and McNitt, S. and Schuger, C. and Daubert, J.P. and Goldenberg, I. and Ruwald, A.C.H. and Merkely, B. and Zareba, W. and Kutyifa, V.
Europace 17 (7): 1085-1091. July 2015

Exercise capacity and N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide levels with biventricular vs. right ventricular pacing for atrioventricular block: results from the PREVENT-HF German Substudy.
Stockburger, M. and de Teresa, E. and Lamas, G. and Desaga, M. and Koenig, C. and Habedank, D. and Cobo, E. and Navarro, X. and Wiegand, U.
Europace 16 (1): 63-70. January 2014

Absent proximal right coronary artery with a fistula into the pulmonary vein.
Blaschke, F. and Baur, A. and Roser, M. and Attanasio, P. and Ozcelik, C. and Haverkamp, W. and Boldt, L.H.
Europace 14 (9): 1369-1370. September 2012

Ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation occurs less often in patients with left bundle branch block and combined resynchronization and defibrillators than in patients with narrow QRS and conventional defibrillators.
Blaschke, F. and Knaus, T. and Celebi, O. and Krebs, A. and Nitardy, A. and Habedank, D. and Dietz, R. and Stockburger, M.
Europace 14 (2): 224-229. February 2012

Right ventricular pacing is associated with impaired overall survival, but not with an increased incidence of ventricular tachyarrhythmias in routine cardioverter/defibrillator recipients with reservedly programmed pacing.
Stockburger, M. and Celebi, O. and Krebs, A. and Knaus, T. and Nitardy, A. and Habedank, D. and Dietz, R.
Europace 11 (7): 924-930. July 2009

Baseline Doppler parameters are useful predictors of chronic left ventricular reduction in size by cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Stockburger, M. and Fateh-Moghadam, S. and Nitardy, A. and Celebi, O. and Krebsova, A. and Habedank, D. and Dietz, R.
Europace 10 (1): 69-74. January 2008

Optimization of cardiac resynchronization guided by Doppler echocardiography: haemodynamic improvement and intraindividual variability with different pacing configurations and atrioventricular delays.
Stockburger, M. and Fateh-Moghadam, S. and Nitardy, A. and Langreck, H. and Haverkamp, W. and Dietz, R.
Europace 8 (10): 881-886. 1 October 2006

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