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Metabolite ratios as potential biomarkers for type 2 diabetes: a DIRECT study.
Molnos, S. and Wahl, S. and Haid, M. and Eekhoff, E.M.W. and Pool, R. and Floegel, A. and Deelen, J. and Much, D. and Prehn, C. and Breier, M. and Draisma, H.H. and van Leeuwen, N. and Simonis-Bik, A.M.C. and Jonsson, A. and Willemsen, G. and Bernigau, W. and Wang-Sattler, R. and Suhre, K. and Peters, A. and Thorand, B. and Herder, C. and Rathmann, W. and Roden, M. and Gieger, C. and Kramer, M.H.H. and van Heemst, D. and Pedersen, H.K. and Gudmundsdottir, V. and Schulze, M.B. and Pischon, T. and de Geus, E.J.C. and Boeing, H. and Boomsma, D.I. and Ziegler, A.G. and Slagboom, P.E. and Hummel, S. and Beekman, M. and Grallert, H. and Brunak, S. and McCarthy, M.I. and Gupta, R. and Pearson, E.R. and Adamski, J. and 't Hart, L.M.
Diabetologia 61 (1): 117-129. January 2018


The TetO rat as a new translational model for type 2 diabetic retinopathy by inducible insulin receptor knockdown.
Reichhart, N. and Crespo-Garcia, S. and Haase, N. and Golic, M. and Skosyrski, S. and Rübsam, A. and Herrspiegel, C. and Kociok, N. and Alenina, N. and Bader, M. and Dechend, R. and Strauss, O. and Joussen, A.M.
Diabetologia 60 (1): 202-211. January 2017


Placental endoplasmic reticulum stress in gestational diabetes: the potential for therapeutic intervention with chemical chaperones and antioxidants.
Yung, H.W. and Alaes-Katjavivi, P. and Jones, C.J.P. and El-Bacha, T. and Golic, M. and Staff, A.C. and Burton, G.J.
Diabetologia 59 (10): 2240-2250. October 2016


Amorfrutin B is an efficient natural peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) agonist with potent glucose-lowering properties.
Weidner, C. and Wowro, S.J. and Freiwald, A. and Kawamoto, K. and Witzke, A. and Kliem, M. and Siems, K. and Müller-Kuhrt, L. and Schroeder, F.C. and Sauer, S.
Diabetologia 56 (8): 1802-1812. August 2013


G protein-coupled receptor (GPR)40-dependent potentiation of insulin secretion in mouse islets is mediated by protein kinase D1.
Ferdaoussi, M. and Bergeron, V. and Zarrouki, B. and Kolic, J. and Cantley, J. and Fielitz, J. and Olson, E.N. and Prentki, M. and Biden, T. and Macdonald, P.E. and Poitout, V.
Diabetologia 55 (10): 2682-2692. October 2012

Body iron stores and risk of type 2 diabetes: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)-Potsdam study.
Montonen, J. and Boeing, H. and Steffen, A. and Lehmann, R. and Fritsche, A. and Joost, H.G. and Schulze, M.B. and Pischon, T.
Diabetologia 55 (10): 2613-2621. October 2012


Diabetic retinopathy in type 1 diabetes-a contemporary analysis of 8,784 patients.
Hammes, H.P. and Kerner, W. and Hofer, S. and Kordonouri, O. and Raile, K. and Holl, R.W.
Diabetologia 54 (8): 1977-84. August 2011

Association of changes in body mass index during earlier adulthood and later adulthood with circulating obesity biomarker concentrations in middle-aged men and women.
Montonen, J. and Boeing, H. and Schleicher, E. and Fritsche, A. and Pischon, T.
Diabetologia 54 (7): 1676-1683. July 2011


A German genome-wide linkage scan for type 2 diabetes supports the existence of a metabolic syndrome locus on chromosome 1p36.13 and a type 2 diabetes locus on chromosome 16p12.2.
Hoffmann, K. and Mattheisen, M. and Dahm, S. and Nuernberg, P. and Roe, C. and Johnson, J. and Cox, N.J. and Wichmann, H.E. and Wienker, T.F. and Schulze, J. and Schwarz, P.E. and Lindner, T.H.
Diabetologia 50 (7): 1418-1422. July 2007


Tesaglitazar, a novel dual peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha/gamma agonist, dose-dependently improves the metabolic abnormalities associated with insulin resistance in a non-diabetic population.
Fagerberg, B. and Edwards, S. and Halmos, T. and Lopatynski, J. and Schuster, H. and Stender, S. and Stoa-Birketvedt, G. and Tonstad, S. and Halldorsdottir, S. and Gause-Nilsson, I.
Diabetologia 48 : 1716-1725. 7 July 2005

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