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The stretch to stray on time: resonant length of random walks in a transient.
Falcke, M. and Friedhoff, V.N.
Chaos 28 (5): 053117. 23 May 2018

On the phase space structure of IP(3) induced Ca(2+) signalling and concepts for predictive modeling.
Falcke, M. and Moein, M. and Tilūnaitė, A. and Thul, R. and Skupin, A.
Chaos 28 (4): 045115. 1 April 2018


From puffs to global Ca2+ signals: how molecular properties shape global signals.
Skupin, A. and Falcke, M.
Chaos 19 (3): 037111. 18 September 2009

Toward a predictive model of Ca2+ puffs.
Thul, R. and Thurley, K. and Falcke, M.
Chaos 19 (3): 037108. 18 September 2009

Introduction to focus issue: intracellular Ca2+ dynamics--a change of modeling paradigm?
Falcke, M.
Chaos 19 (3): 037101. September 2009


Announcement: Focus issue on "Intracellular Ca(2+) Dynamics- A Change of Modeling Paradigm?".
Falcke, M.
Chaos 18 (4): 040201. December 2008


Cardiac magnetic field map topology quantified by Kullback-Leibler entropy identifies patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Schirdewan, A. and Gapelyuk, A. and Fischer, R. and Koch, L. and Schutt, H. and Zacharzowsky, U. and Dietz, R. and Thierfelder, L. and Wessel, N.
Chaos 17 (1): 15118-15128. March 2007


Quantitative analysis of heart rate variability.
Kurths, J. and Voss, A. and Witt, A. and Saparin, P. and Kleiner, H.J. and Wessel, N.
Chaos 5 (1): 88-94. 1 January 1995


Chemical turbulence and standing waves in a surface reaction model: The influence of global coupling and wave instabilities.
Baer, M. and Hildebrand, M. and Eiswirth, M. and Falcke, M. and Engel, H. and Neufeld, M.
Chaos 4 (3): 499-508. September 1994

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