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Brain-wide connectivity map of mouse thermosensory cortices.
Bokiniec, P. and Whitmire, C.J. and Leva, T.M. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Cerebral Cortex : bhac386. 18 October 2022 (In Press)

Local microcircuitry of PaS shows distinct and common features of excitatory and inhibitory connectivity.
Sammons, R.P. and Tzilivaki, A. and Schmitz, D.
Cerebral Cortex 32 (1): 76-92. January 2022


Stimulation of mGluR1/5 improves defective internalization of AMPA receptors in NPC1 mutant mouse.
Feng, X. and Yang, F. and Rabenstein, M. and Wang, Z. and Frech, M.J. and Wree, A. and Bräuer, A.U. and Witt, M. and Gläser, A. and Hermann, A. and Rolfs, A. and Luo, J.
Cerebral Cortex 30 (3): 1465-1480. March 2020


Barreloid borders and neuronal activity shape panglial gap junction-coupled networks in the mouse thalamus.
Claus, L. and Philippot, C. and Griemsmann, S. and Timmermann, A. and Jabs, R. and Henneberger, C. and Kettenmann, H. and Steinhaeuser, C.
Cerebral Cortex 28 (1): 213-222. 1 January 2018


Caloric restriction in older adults - differential effects of weight loss and reduced weight on brain structure and function.
Prehn, K. and Jumpertz von Schwartzenberg, R. and Mai, K. and Zeitz, U. and Witte, A.V. and Hampel, D. and Szela, A.M. and Fabian, S. and Grittner, U. and Spranger, J. and Floeel, A.
Cerebral Cortex 27 (3): 1765-1778. 1 March 2017


Identification of parvalbumin interneurons as cellular substrate of fear memory persistence.
Caliskan, G. and Mueller, I. and Semtner, M. and Winkelmann, A. and Raza, A.S. and Hollnagel, J.O. and Roesler, A. and Heinemann, U. and Stork, O. and Meier, J.C.
Cerebral Cortex 26 (5): 2325-2340. May 2016


Serotonin attenuates feedback excitation onto O-LM interneurons.
Böhm, C. and Pangalos, M. and Schmitz, D. and Winterer, J.
Cerebral Cortex 25 (11): 4572-4583. November 2015

Characterization of panglial gap junction networks in the thalamus, neocortex, and hippocampus reveals a unique population of glial cells.
Griemsmann, S. and Höft, S.P. and Bedner, P. and Zhang, J. and von Staden, E. and Beinhauer, A. and Degen, J. and Dublin, P. and Cope, D.W. and Richter, N. and Crunelli, V. and Jabs, R. and Willecke, K. and Theis, M. and Seifert, G. and Kettenmann, H. and Steinhäuser, C.
Cerebral Cortex 25 (10): 3420-3433. October 2015


Munc13-2 differentially affects hippocampal synaptic transmission and plasticity.
Breustedt, J and Gundlfinger, A and Varoqueaux, F and Reim, K and Brose, N and Schmitz, D.
Cerebral Cortex 20 (5): 1109-1120. May 2010


Astrocytes discriminate and selectively respond to the activity of a subpopulation of neurons within the barrel cortex.
Schipke, C.G. and Haas, B. and Kettenmann, H.
Cerebral Cortex 18 (10): 2450-2459. October 2008


Activity-dependent ATP-waves in the mouse neocortex are independent from astrocytic calcium waves.
Haas, B. and Schipke, C.G. and Peters, O. and Soehl, G. and Willecke, K. and Kettenmann, H.
Cerebral Cortex 16 (2): 237-246. February 2006


Impaired synaptic plasticity in the surround of perinatally acquired dysplasia in rat cerebral cortex.
Peters, O. and Redecker, C. and Hagemann, G. and Bruehl, C. and Luhmann, H.J. and Witte, O.W.
Cerebral Cortex 14 (10): 1081-1087. October 2004


Regional effects of wheel running and environmental enrichment on cell genesis and microglia proliferation in the adult murine neocortex.
Ehninger, D. and Kempermann, G.
Cerebral Cortex 13 (8): 845-851. August 2003

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