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Dynamics of huntingtin protein interactions in the striatum identifies candidate modifiers of Huntington disease.
Greco, T.M. and Secker, C. and Silva Ramos, E. and Federspiel, J.D. and Liu, J.P. and Perez, A.M. and Al-Ramahi, I. and Cantle, J.P. and Carroll, J.B. and Botas, J. and Zeitlin, S.O. and Wanker, E.E. and Cristea, I.M.
Cell Systems 13 (4): 304-320.e5. 22 April 2022


Pairwise stimulations of pathogen-sensing pathways predict immune responses to multi-adjuvant combinations.
Pandey, S. and Gruenbaum, A. and Kanashova, T. and Mertins, P. and Cluzel, P. and Chevrier, N.
Cell Systems 11 (5): 495-508. 18 November 2020

Genomic rewiring of SOX2 chromatin interaction network during differentiation of ESCs to postmitotic neurons.
Bunina, D. and Abazova, N. and Diaz, N. and Noh, K.M. and Krijgsveld, J. and Zaugg, J.B.
Cell Systems 10 (6): 480-494. 24 June 2020

Keeping the proportions of protein complex components in check.
Taggart, J.C. and Zauber, H. and Selbach, M. and Li, G.W. and McShane, E.
Cell Systems 10 (2): 125-132. 26 February 2020


Of gene expression and cell division time: a mathematical framework for advanced differential gene expression and data analysis.
Baum, K. and Schuchhardt, J. and Wolf, J. and Busse, D.
Cell Systems 9 (6): 569-579. 18 December 2019


Integrated transcriptome and proteome analyses reveal organ-specific proteome deterioration in old rats.
Ori, A. and Toyama, B.H. and Harris, M.S. and Bock, T. and Iskar, M. and Bork, P. and Ingolia, N.T. and Hetzer, M.W. and Beck, M.
Cell Systems 1 (3): 224-237. 23 September 2015

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