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Monensin, a novel potent MYB inhibitor, suppresses proliferation of acute myeloid leukemia and adenoid cystic carcinoma cells.
Yusenko, M.V. and Trentmann, A. and Andersson, M.K. and Ghani, L.A. and Jakobs, A. and Arteaga Paz, M.F. and Mikesch, J.H. and von Kries, J.P. and Stenman, G. and Klempnauer, K.H.
Cancer Letters 479 : 61-70. 1 June 2020


Synergistic activity of BET inhibitor MK-8628 and PLK inhibitor Volasertib in preclinical models of medulloblastoma.
Han, Y. and Lindner, S. and Bei, Y. and Garcia, H.D. and Timme, N. and Althoff, K. and Odersky, A. and Schramm, A. and Lissat, A. and Künkele, A. and Deubzer, H.E. and Eggert, A. and Schulte, J.H. and Henssen, A.G.
Cancer Letters 445 : 24-33. 31 March 2019


MACC1 regulates Fas mediated apoptosis through STAT1/3 - Mcl-1 signaling in solid cancers.
Radhakrishnan, H. and Ilm, K. and Walther, W. and Shirasawa, S. and Sasazuki, T. and Daniel, P.T. and Gillissen, B. and Stein, U.
Cancer Letters 403 : 231-245. 10 September 2017


Concurrent inhibition of PI3-Kinase and mTOR induces cell death in diffuse large B cell lymphomas, a mechanism involving down regulation of Mcl-1.
Zang, C. and Eucker, J. and Liu, H. and Mueller, A. and Possinger, K. and Scholz, C.W.
Cancer Letters 339 (2): 288-297. 10 October 2013

The BH3-only protein Bim(L) overrides Bcl-2-mediated apoptosis resistance in melanoma cells.
Ploetz, M. and Gillissen, B. and Quast, S.A. and Berger, A. and Daniel, P.T. and Eberle, J.
Cancer Letters 335 (1): 100-108. 10 July 2013

Salmonella SL7207 application is the most effective DNA vaccine delivery method for successful tumor eradication in a murine model for neuroblastoma.
Berger, E. and Soldati, R. and Huebener, N. and Hohn, O. and Stermann, A. and Durmus, T. and Lobitz, S. and Zenclussen, A.C. and Christiansen, H. and Lode, H.N. and Fest, S.
Cancer Letters 331 (2): 167-173. 1 May 2013


HDAC family: What are the cancer relevant targets?
Witt, O. and Deubzer, H.E. and Milde, T. and Oehme, I.
Cancer Letters 277 (1): 8-21. 8 May 2009

Identification of brain- and bone-specific breast cancer metastasis genes.
Klein, A. and Olendrowitz, C. and Schmutzler, R. and Hampl, J. and Schlag, P.M. and Maass, N. and Arnold, N. and Wessel, R. and Ramser, J. and Meindl, A. and Scherneck, S. and Seitz, S.
Cancer Letters 276 (2): 212-220. 18 April 2009


Transcription factor AP2alpha (TFAP2a) regulates differentiation and proliferation of neuroblastoma cells.
Schulte, J.H. and Kirfel, J. and Lim, S. and Schramm, A. and Friedrichs, N. and Deubzer, H.E. and Witt, O. and Eggert, A. and Buettner, R.
Cancer Letters 271 (1): 56-63. 18 November 2008

Ablation of TNF or lymphotoxin signaling and the frequency of spontaneous tumors in p53-deficient mice.
Kuprash, D.V. and Qin, Z. and Ito, D. and Grivennikov, S.I. and Abe, K. and Drutskaya, L.N. and Blankenstein, T. and Nedospasov, S.A.
Cancer Letters 268 (1): 70-75. 8 September 2008

Anti-neuroblastoma activity of Helminthosporium carbonum (HC)-toxin is superior to that of other differentiating compounds in vitro.
Deubzer, H.E. and Ehemann, V. and Kulozik, A.E. and Westermann, F. and Savelyeva, L. and Kopp-Schneider, A. and Riester, D. and Schwab, M. and Witt, O.
Cancer Letters 264 (1): 21-28. 8 June 2008


Suppression of polyploidy by the BRCA2 protein.
Sagulenko, E. and Savelyeva, L. and Ehemann, V. and Sagulenko, V. and Hofmann, W. and Arnold, K. and Claas, A. and Scherneck, S. and Schwab, M.
Cancer Letters 257 (1): 65-72. 8 November 2007

Induction of cell death in antiestrogen resistant human breast cancer cells by the protein kinase CK2 inhibitor DMAT.
Yde, C.W. and Frogne, T. and Lykkesfeldt, A.E. and Fichtner, I. and Issinger, O.G. and Stenvang, J.
Cancer Letters 256 (2): 229-237. 28 October 2007


Tumor growth inhibition elicited by different vaccines and correlation with antigen specific cytotoxic T-cell frequencies determined by intracellular interferon-γ staining.
Johnen, H. and Pecher, G.
Cancer Letters 185 (1): 53-59. 8 November 2002


Induction of apoptosis in human lymphocytes treated with Viscum albumL. is mediated by the mistletoe lectins.
Buessing, A. and Suzart, K. and Bergmann, J. and Pfueller, U. and Schietzel, M.
Cancer Letters 99 (1): 59-72. 19 January 1996


Effects of tamoxifen, droloxifene and 17beta-estradiol on Rauscher mouse leukemogenesis.
Sydow, G. and Wunderlich, V.
Cancer Letters 82 (1): 89-94. 15 July 1994

Significance of immunohistochemical c-erbB-2 product localization pattern for prognosis of primary human breast cancer.
Zschiesche, W. and Schoenborn, I. and Minguillon, C. and Spitzer, E.
Cancer Letters 81 : 89-94. 1 January 1994


Enhanced activity of CMP-neuAc:Gal beta 1-4GlcNAc:alpha 2,6- sialyltransferase in metastasizing human colorectal tumor tissue and serum of tumor patients.
Gessner, P. and Riedl, S. and Quentmaier, A. and Kemmner, W.
Cancer Letters 75 (3): 143-149. 20 December 1993

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