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Nuclear proteins as gene-transfer vectors.
Haberland, A. and Boettger, M.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 42 (2): 97-106. 1 October 2005

Structural aspects of histone H1-DNA complexes and their relation to transfection efficiency.
Haberland, A. and Cartier, R. and Heuer, D. and Zaitsev, S. and Paulke, B.R. and Schaefer-Korting, M. and Boettger, M.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 42 (2): 107-117. 1 October 2005


Integrin specificity of the cyclic Arg-Gly-Asp motif and its role in integrin-targeted gene transfer.
Wittekindt, C. and Boettger, M. and Hoeltje, H.D. and Schaefer-Korting, M. and Cartier, R. and Haberland, A.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 40 (3): 281-290. 1 January 2004


Efficient cryopreservation of dendritic cells transfected with cDNA of a tumour antigen for clinical application.
Pecher, G. and Schirrmann, T. and Kaiser, L. and Schenk, J.A.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 34 : 161-166. 1 January 2001


Purification and characterization of the constitutive form of laccase from the basidiomycete Coriolus hirsutus and effect of inducers on laccase synthesis.
Koroljova-Skorobogatko, O.V. and Stepanova, E.V. and Gavrilova, V.P. and Morozova, O.V. and Lubimova, N.V. and Dzchafarova, A.N. and Jaropolov, A.I. and Makower, A.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 28 (Pt 1): 47-54. 1 August 1998


Development of an enzyme immunoassay for the measurement of human tumour necrosis factor-alpha (hTNF-alpha) using bispecific antibodies to hTNF-alpha and horseradish peroxidase.
Berkova, N. and Karawajew, L. and Korobko, V. and Behrsing, O. and Micheel, B. and Shamborant, O. and Stukatcheva, E. and Shingarova, L.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 23 Part 2 : 163-171. 1 January 1996


Structural flexibility in extremely stable carrier-bound chymotrypsin.
Ulbrich-Hofmann, R. and Mansfeld, J. and Fittkau, S. and Damerau, W.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 22 : 75-94. 1 January 1995

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