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Aurora kinase inhibitor ZM447439 induces apoptosis via mitochondrial pathways.
Li, M. and Jung, A. and Ganswindt, U. and Marini, P. and Friedl, A. and Daniel, P.T. and Lauber, K. and Jendrossek, V. and Belka, C.
Biochemical Pharmacology 79 (2): 122-129. 15 January 2010

Anti-cancer effects of artesunate in a panel of chemoresistant neuroblastoma cell lines.
Michaelis, M. and Kleinschmidt, M.C. and Barth, S. and Rothweiler, F. and Geiler, J. and Breitling, R. and Mayer, B. and Deubzer, H. and Witt, O. and Kreuter, J. and Doerr, H.W. and Cinatl, J. and Cinatl, J.
Biochemical Pharmacology 79 (2): 130-136. 15 January 2010


Design of protease-resistant myelin basic protein-derived peptides by cleavage site directed amino acid substitutions.
Burster, T. and Marin-Esteban, V. and Boehm, B.O. and Dunn, S. and Roetzschke, O. and Falk, K. and Weber, E. and Verhelst, S.H. and Kalbacher, H. and Driessen, C.
Biochemical Pharmacology 74 (10): 1514-1523. 15 November 2007


Tyramine in the assessment of regional adrenergic function.
Adams, F. and Boschmann, M. and Schaller, K. and Franke, G. and Gorzelniak, K. and Janke, J. and Klaus, S. and Luft, F.C. and Heer, M. and Jordan, J.
Biochemical Pharmacology 72 (12): 1724-1729. 15 December 2006


Arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acid metabolism by human CYP1A1: highly stereoselective formation of 17(R),18(S)-epoxyeicosatetraenoic acid.
Schwarz, D. and Kisselev, P. and Ericksen, S.S. and Szklarz, G.D. and Chernogolov, A. and Honeck, H. and Schunck, W.H. and Roots, I.
Biochemical Pharmacology 67 (8): 1445-1457. 1 January 2004


A unique central tryptophan hydroxylase isoform.
Walther, D.J. and Bader, M.
Biochemical Pharmacology 66 (9): 1673-1680. 1 November 2003

Species-specific splicing and expression of angiotensin converting enzyme.
Tian, X.L. and Paul, M.
Biochemical Pharmacology 66 (6): 1037-1044. 15 September 2003


The c-Jun N-terminal kinases in cerebral microglia: immunological functions in the brain.
Hidding, U. and Mielke, K. and Waetzig, V. and Brecht, S. and Hanisch, U. and Behrens, A. and Wagner, E. and Herdegen, T.
Biochemical Pharmacology 64 (5-6): 781-788. September 2002


c-Jun and the transcriptional control of neuronal apoptosis.
Ham, J. and Eilers, A. and Whitfield, J. and Neame, S.J. and Shah, B.
Biochemical Pharmacology 60 (8): 1015-1021. 15 October 2000


Superoxide radical scavenging by phenolic bronchodilators under aprotic and aqueous conditions.
Zwicker, K. and Damerau, W. and Dikalov, S. and Scholtyssek, H. and Schimke, I. and Zimmer, G.
Biochemical Pharmacology 56 : 301-305. 1 January 1998


Effect of protein kinase inhibitors on activity of mammalian small heat-shock protein (HSP25) Kinase.
Hayess, K. and Benndorf, R.
Biochemical Pharmacology 53 : 1239-1247. 1 January 1997


Effects of the phosphatase inhibitor calyculin a on the phosphorylation of c-protein in mammalian ventricularcardiomyocytes.
Neumann, J. and Boknik, P. and Kaspareit, G. and Bartel, S. and Krause, E.G. and Pask, H. and Schmitz, W. and Scholz, H.
Biochemical Pharmacology 49 : 1583-1588. 1 January 1995


The brain renin-angiotensin system: a model for the synthesis of peptides in the brain (Commentary).
Ganten, D. and Speck, G.
Biochemical Pharmacology 27 : 2379-2389. 1 January 1992

Inhibition of hepatitis B virus production by modified 2',3'-dideoxy-thymidine and 2',3'-dideoxy-5-methylcytidine derivatives. In vitro and in vivo studies.
Matthes, E. and von Janta-Lipinski, M. and Will, M. and Schroeder, C. and Merz, H. and Steffen, R. and Mueller, W.E.G.
Biochemical Pharmacology 43 : 1571-1577. 1 January 1992


The calcium antagonist nisoldipine stimulates the electrolyte transport of the isolated frog skin.
Wiederholt, M. and Keller, S. and Krolik, A. and Jentsch, T.J.
Biochemical Pharmacology 33 (18): 2926-2928. 15 September 1984

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