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Sex-specific metabolic and functional differences in human umbilical vein endothelial cells from twin pairs.
Lorenz, M. and Blaschke, B. and Benn, A. and Hammer, E. and Witt, E. and Kirwan, J. and Fritsche-Guenther, R. and Gloaguen, Y. and Bartsch, C. and Vietzke, A. and Kramer, F. and Kappert, K. and Brunner, P. and Nguyen, H.G. and Dreger, H. and Stangl, K. and Knaus, P. and Stangl, V.
Atherosclerosis 291 : 99-106. December 2019


Omentin-1 and risk of myocardial infarction and stroke: results from the EPIC-Potsdam cohort study.
Menzel, J. and di Giuseppe, R. and Biemann, R. and Wittenbecher, C. and Aleksandrova, K. and Pischon, T. and Fritsche, A. and Schulze, M.B. and Boeing, H. and Isermann, B. and Weikert, C.
Atherosclerosis 251 : 415-421. August 2016

A lipidomic analysis approach in patients undergoing lipoprotein apheresis.
Schmoecker, C. and Kassner, U. and Kiesler, S. and Bismarck, M. and Rothe, M. and Steinhagen-Thiessen, E. and Weylandt, K.H.
Atherosclerosis 249 : 30-35. June 2016

Protein sorting gone wrong - VPS10P domain receptors in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Schmidt, V. and Willnow, T.E.
Atherosclerosis 245 : 194-199. February 2016


Plasma total and high molecular weight adiponectin levels and risk of coronary heart disease in women.
Pischon, T. and Hu, F.B. and Girman, C.J. and Rifai, N. and Manson, J.E. and Rexrode, K.M. and Rimm, E.B.
Atherosclerosis 219 (1): 322-329. November 2011


Inflammation, the metabolic syndrome, and risk of coronary heart disease in women and men.
Pischon, T. and Hu, F.B. and Rexrode, K.M. and Girman, C.J. and Manson, J.E. and Rimm, E.B.
Atherosclerosis 197 (1): 392-399. March 2008


Rosuvastatin regulates vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation in vascular remodeling: role for the urokinase receptor.
Kiyan, J. and Kusch, A. and Tkachuk, S. and Kraemer, J. and Haller, H. and Dietz, R. and Smith, G. and Dumler, I.
Atherosclerosis 195 (2): 254-261. December 2007


Probucol inhibits in-stent thrombosis and neointimal hyperplasia by promoting re-endothelialization.
Tanous, D. and Braesen, J.H. and Choy, K. and Wu, B.J. and Kathir, K. and Lau, A. and Celermajer, D.S. and Stocker, R.
Atherosclerosis 189 (2): 342-349. December 2006

Moderate alcohol consumption and lower levels of inflammatory markers in US men and women.
Pai, J.K. and Hankinson, S.E. and Thadhani, R. and Rifai, N. and Pischon, T. and Rimm, E.B.
Atherosclerosis 186 (1): 113-120. May 2006


Apolipoprotein B-100 gene mutations and cholesterol control in German patients.
Loggen, U. and Boden, A. and Baron, H. and Schuster, H. and Tolle, R. and Netwich, U. and Dupon, C. and Mueller-Myhsok, B. and Luft, F.C.
Atherosclerosis 166 (2): 411-412. February 2003

Patterns of oxidized epitopes, but not NF-κB expression, change during atherogenesis in WHHL rabbits.
Braesen, J.H. and Haekkinen, T. and Malle, E. and Beisiegel, U. and Ylae-Herttuala, S.
Atherosclerosis 166 : 13-21. January 2003


A prospective study of TaqIB polymorphism in the gene coding for cholesteryl ester transfer protein and risk of myocardial infarction in middle-aged men.
Liu, S. and Schmitz, C. and Stampfer, M.J. and Sacks, F. and Hennekens, C.H. and Lindpaintner, K. and Ridker, P.M.
Atherosclerosis 161 (2): 469-474. April 2002

Comparison of the effects of alpha-tocopherol, ubiquinone-10 and probucol at therapeutic doses on atherosclerosis in WHHL rabbits.
Braesen, J.H. and Koenig, K. and Bach, H. and Kontush, A. and Heinle, H. and Witting, P.K. and Yla-Herttuala, S. and Stocker, R. and Beisiegel, U.
Atherosclerosis 163 : 249-259. 1 January 2002

High risk, high priority: familial hypercholesterolemia - a paradigm for molecular medicine.
Schuster, H.
Atherosclerosis Suppl. 2 : 27-32. 1 January 2002


Tc-99m-labeled endothelin derivative for imaging of experimentally induced atherosclerosis.
Tepe, G. and Duda, S.H. and Meding, J. and Brehme, U. and Ritter, J. and Hanke, H. and Hilger, C.S. and Claussen, C.D. and Dinkelborg, L.M.
Atherosclerosis 157 : 383-392. 1 August 2001

A prospective evaluation of the CD14 C(-260)T gene polymorphism and the risk of myocardial infarction.
Zee, R.Y. and Lindpaintner, K. and Struk, B. and Hennekens, C.H. and Ridker, P.M.
Atherosclerosis 154 (3): 699-702. 15 February 2001

Urokinase plasminogen activator augments cell proliferation and neointima formation in injured arteries via proteolytic mechanisms.
Plekhanova, O. and Parfyonova, Y. and Bibilashvily, R. and Domogatskii, S. and Stepanova, V. and Gulba, D.C. and Agrotis, A. and Bobik, A. and Tkachuk, V.
Atherosclerosis 159 : 297-306. 1 January 2001


Concordant upregulation of type II-TGF-beta-receptor, the cyclin-dependent kinases inhibitor P27KIP1 and cyclin E in human atherosclerotic tissue: implications for lesion cellularity.
Ihling, C. and Technau, K. and Gross, V. and Schulte-Monting, J. and Zeiher, A.M. and Schaefer, H.E.
Atherosclerosis 144 : 7-14. 1 May 1999


Homocysteine induced arteriosclerosis like alterations of the aorta in normotensive and hypertensive rats following application of high doses of methionine.
Matthias, D. and Becker, C.H. and Riezler, R. and Kindling, P.H.
Atherosclerosis 122 (2): 201-216. 1 May 1996


Relation of lipoprotein(a) to coronary heart disease and duplex sonographic findings of the carotid arteries in heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia.
Tato, F. and Keller, C. and Schuster, H. and Spengel, F. and Wolfram, G. and Zoellner, N.
Atherosclerosis 101 : 69-77. 1 January 1993

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