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Sorafenib, but not sunitinib, induces regulatory T cells in the peripheral blood of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
Floercken, A. and Takvorian, A. and Van Lessen, A. and Singh, A. and Hopfenmueller, W. and Doerken, B. and Pezzutto, A. and Westermann, J.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 23 (3): 298-302. March 2012

HKI 46F08, a novel potent histone deacetylase inhibitor, exhibits antitumoral activity against embryonic childhood cancer cells.
Wegener, D. and Deubzer, H.E. and Oehme, I. and Milde, T. and Hildmann, C. and Schwienhorst, A. and Witt, O.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 19 (9): 849-857. October 2008

Anti-tumor activity of Titanocene Y in xenografted Caki-1 tumors in mice.
Fichtner, I. and Pampillon, C. and Sweeney, N.J. and Strohfeldt, K. and Tacke, M.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 17 (3): 333-336. March 2006

Reduction of tamoxifen resistance in human breast carcinomas by tamoxifen-containing liposomes in vivo.
Zeisig, R. and Rueckerl, D. and Fichtner, I.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 15 (7): 707-714. 1 August 2004

Oxaliplatin and 5-fluorouracil for heavily pretreated metastatic breast cancer: a preliminary phase II study.
Thuss-Patience, P.C. and von Minckwitz, G. and Kretzschmar, A. and Loibl, S. and Schaller, G. and Doerken, B. and Reichardt, P.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 14 (7): 549-553. 1 August 2003

Effects of amifostine (WR-2721, ethyol) on tumor growth and pharmacology of cytotoxic drugs in human xenotransplanted neuroblastomas.
Fichtner, I. and Lemm, M. and Becker, M. and Berthold, F.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 8 : 174-181. 1 January 1997

Antineoplastic activity in vitro of free and liposomal alkylphosphocholines.
Zeisig, R. and Jungmann, S. and Arndt, D. and Schuett, A. and Nissen, E.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 4 : 57-64. 1 January 1993

Pharmacokinetic behavior of 57CO-Bleomycin liposomes in mice: comparison with the unencapsulated substance.
Fichtner, I. and Arndt, D. and Reszka, R. and Gens, J.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 2 : 555-563. 1 January 1991

Antitumor effects of alkylphosphocholines in different murine tumor models, use of liposomal preparations.
Zeisig, R. and Fichtner, I. and Arndt, D. and Jungmann, S.
Anti-Cancer Drugs 2 : 411-417. 1 January 1991

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