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A protocol for combined Photinus and Renilla luciferase quantification compatible with protein assays.
Hampf, M. and Gossen, M.
Analytical Biochemistry 356 (1): 94-99. 1 September 2006

Refinement of single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping methods on human genomic DNA: amplifluor allele-specific polymerase chain reaction versus ligation detection reaction-TaqMan.
Rickert, A.M. and Borodina, T.A. and Kuhn, E.J. and Lehrach, H. and Sperling, S.
Analytical Biochemistry 330 (2): 288-297. 15 July 2004

Validation of fluorescence-labeled artificial nonhuman sequences for single-strand conformation polymorphism mutation detection in familial hypercholesterolemia.
Aydin, A. and Luft, F.C. and Baehring, S.
Analytical Biochemistry 324 (1): 16-21. 1 January 2004

Stability analysis for long-term storage of naked DNA: impact on nonviral in vivo gene transfer.
Walther, W. and Stein, U. and Voss, C. and Schmidt, T. and Schleef, M. and Schlag, P.M.
Analytical Biochemistry 318 (2): 230-235. 15 July 2003

In vivo gene transfer by low-volume jet injection.
Cartier, R. and Ren, S.V. and Walther, W. and Stein, U. and Lewis, A. and Schlag, P.M. and Li, M. and Furth, P.A.
Analytical Biochemistry 282 (2): 262-265. 1 July 2000

Purification of Saccharomcyes cerevisiae mitochondria devoid of microsomal and cytosolic contaminations.
Meisinger, C. and Sommer, T. and Pfanner, N.
Analytical Biochemistry 287 (2): 339-342. 1 January 2000

Detection of genomic DNA fragmentation during apoptosis (DNA ladder) and the simultaneous isolation of RNA from low cell numbers.
Daniel, P.T. and Sturm, I. and Ritschel, S. and Friedrich, K. and Doerken, B. and Bendzko, P. and Hillebrand, T.
Analytical Biochemistry 266 : 110-115. 1 January 1999

Homology-based gene prediction using neural nets.
Cai, Y.D. and Bork, P.
Analytical Biochemistry 265 : 269-274. 15 December 1998

Transfection assay for dual determination of toxicity and gene expression.
Groth, D. and Keil, O. and Schneider, M. and Reszka, R.
Analytical Biochemistry 258 : 141-143. 1 January 1998

Real time observation of affinity reactions using grating couplers: determination of the detection limit and calculation of kinetic rate constants.
Polzius, R. and Diessel, E. and Bier, F.F. and Bilitewski, U.
Analytical Biochemistry 248 : 269-276. 1 January 1997

Polyethylene glycol mediated transformation of Escherichia Coli is increased by room temperature incubation.
Groth, D. and Reszka, R. and Schenk, J.A.
Analytical Biochemistry 240 : 302-304. 1 January 1996

Quantitative western blotting by use of [gamma33P] ATP and the ultrasensitive bio-imaging analyzer.
Hunger, H.D. and Schmidt, G. and Flachmeier, C.
Analytical Biochemistry 217 : 98-102. 1 January 1994

Generation of recombinant CHO(dhfr-) cell lines by single selection for dhfr+ transformants.
Wernicke, D. and Will, H.
Analytical Biochemistry 203 : 146-150. 1 January 1992

On-sequencer pyridylethylation of cysteine residues after protection of amino groups by reaction with phenylisothiocyanate.
Kruft, V. and Kapp, U. and Wittmann-Liebold, B.
Analytical Biochemistry 193 : 306-309. 1 January 1991

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