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Wnt signaling in stem and cancer stem cells.
Wend, P. and Holland, J.D. and Ziebold, U. and Birchmeier, W.
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 21 (8): 855-863. October 2010

Ectopic expression of E2F1 stimulates beta cell proliferation and function.
Grouwels, G. and Cai, Y. and Hoebeke, I. and Leuckx, G. and Heremans, Y. and Ziebold, U. and Stange, G. and Chintinne, M. and Ling, Z. and Pipeleers, D. and Heimberg, H. and Van de Casteele, M.
Diabetes 59 (6): 1435-1444. June 2010


Invasion and metastasis: stem cells, screens and survival. Conference on Invasion and Metastasis.
Tapon, N. and Ziebold, U.
EMBO Reports 9 (11): 1078-1083. 1 November 2008


Cell division.
Boden, C. and Ziebold, U.
In: Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Medicine ; Vol. 1. Springer, Berlin [u.a.], 233-236. ISBN 3-540-44244-8 2006


Sox9 is essential for outer root sheath differentiation and the formation of the hair stem cell compartment.
Vidal, V.P. and Chaboissier, M.C. and Luetzkendorf, S. and Cotsarelis, G. and Mill, P. and Hui, C.C. and Ortonne, N. and Ortonne, J.P. and Schedl, A.
Current Biology 15 (15): 1340-1351. 9 August 2005

Progressive and controlled development of mouse dendritic cells from Flt3+ CD11b+ progenitors in vitro.
Hieronymus, T. and Gust, T.C. and Kirsch, R.D. and Jorgas, T. and Blendinger, G. and Goncharenko, M. and Supplitt, K. and Rose-John, S. and Mueller, A.M. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Immunology 174 (5): 2552-2562. 1 January 2005

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