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Isoform-resolved mRNA profiling of ribosome load defines interplay of HIF and mTOR dysregulation in kidney cancer.
Sugimoto, Y. and Ratcliffe, P.J.
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 29 (9): 871–880. September 2022

Widespread hydroxylation of unstructured lysine-rich protein domains by JMJD6.
Cockman, M.E. and Sugimoto, Y. and Pegg, H.B. and Masson, N. and Salah, E. and Tumber, A. and Flynn, H.R. and Kirkpatrick, J.M. and Schofield, C.J. and Ratcliffe, P.J.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119 (32): e2201483119. 9 August 2022

USP25 promotes pathological HIF-1-driven metabolic reprogramming and is a potential therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer.
Nelson, J.K. and Thin, M.Z. and Evan, T. and Howell, S. and Wu, M. and Almeida, B. and Legrave, N. and Koenis, D. S. and Koifman, G. and Sugimoto, Y. and Llorian Sopena, M. and MacRae, J. and Nye, E. and Howell, M. and Snijders, A.P. and Prachalias, A. and Zen, Y. and Sarker, D. and Behrens, A.
Nature Communications 13 (1): 2070. 19 April 2022


A retained intron in the 3'-UTR of Calm3 mRNA mediates its Staufen2- and activity-dependent localization to neuronal dendrites.
Sharangdhar, T. and Sugimoto, Y. and Heraud-Farlow, J. and Fernández-Moya, S.M. and Ehses, J. and Ruiz de Los Mozos, I. and Ule, J. and Kiebler, M.A.
EMBO Reports 18 (10): 1762-1774. 1 October 2017

Using hiCLIP to identify RNA duplexes that interact with a specific RNA-binding protein.
Sugimoto, Y. and Chakrabarti, A.M. and Luscombe, N.M. and Ule, J.
Nature Protocols 12 (3): 611-637. March 2017


hiCLIP reveals the in vivo atlas of mRNA secondary structures recognized by Staufen 1.
Sugimoto, Y. and Vigilante, A. and Darbo, E. and Zirra, A. and Militti, C. and D'Ambrogio, A. and Luscombe, N.M. and Ule, J.
Nature 519 (7544): 491-494. 26 March 2015


Structure of the large ribosomal subunit from human mitochondria.
Brown, A. and Amunts, A. and Bai, X.C. and Sugimoto, Y. and Edwards, P.C. and Murshudov, G. and Scheres, S.H.W. and Ramakrishnan, V.
Science 346 (6210): 718-722. 7 November 2014

iCLIP: protein-RNA interactions at nucleotide resolution.
Huppertz, I. and Attig, J. and D'Ambrogio, A. and Easton, L.E. and Sibley, C.R. and Sugimoto, Y. and Tajnik, M. and König, J. and Ule, J.
Methods 65 (3): 274-87. February 2014


NSun2-mediated cytosine-5 methylation of vault noncoding RNA determines its processing into regulatory small RNAs.
Hussain, S. and Sajini, A.A. and Blanco, S. and Dietmann, S. and Lombard, P. and Sugimoto, Y. and Paramor, M. and Gleeson, J.G. and Odom, D.T. and Ule, J. and Frye, M.
Cell Reports 4 (2): 255-261. 25 July 2013


Widespread binding of FUS along nascent RNA regulates alternative splicing in the brain.
Rogelj, B. and Easton, L.E. and Bogu, G.K. and Stanton, L.W. and Rot, G. and Curk, T. and Zupan, B. and Sugimoto, Y. and Modic, M. and Haberman, N. and Tollervey, J. and Fujii, R. and Takumi, T. and Shaw, C.E. and Ule, J.
Scientific Reports 2 : 603. 28 August 2012

Analysis of CLIP and iCLIP methods for nucleotide-resolution studies of protein-RNA interactions.
Sugimoto, Y. and König, J. and Hussain, S. and Zupan, B. and Curk, T. and Frye, M. and Ule, J.
Genome Biology 13 (8): R67. 3 August 2012

Poly(ethylene glycol)-lipid-conjugated antibodies enhance dendritic cell phagocytosis of apoptotic cancer cells.
Tomita, U. and Yamaguchi, S. and Sugimoto, Y. and Takamori, S. and Nagamune, T.
Pharmaceuticals 5 (5): 405-416. 26 April 2012

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