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Cancer Cell

Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and growth by a small-molecule multi-FGF receptor blocker with allosteric properties.
Bono, F. and De Smet, F. and Herbert, C. and De Bock, K. and Georgiadou, M. and Fons, P. and Tjwa, M. and Alcouffe, C. and Ny, A. and Bianciotto, M. and Jonckx, B. and Murakami, M. and Lanahan, A.A. and Michielsen, C. and Sibrac, D. and Dol-Gleizes, F. and Mazzone, M. and Zacchigna, S. and Herault, J.P. and Fischer, C. and Rigon, P. and Ruiz de Almodovar, C. and Claes, F. and Blanc, I. and Poesen, K. and Zhang, J. and Segura, I. and Gueguen, G. and Bordes, M.F. and Lambrechts, D. and Broussy, R. and van de Wouwer, M. and Michaux, C. and Shimada, T. and Jean, I. and Blacher, S. and Noel, A. and Motte, P. and Rom, E. and Rakic, J.M. and Katsuma, S. and Schaeffer, P. and Yayon, A. and Van Schepdael, A. and Schwalbe, H. and Gervasio, F.L. and Carmeliet, G. and Rozensky, J. and Dewerchin, M. and Simons, M. and Christopoulos, A. and Herbert, J.M. and Carmeliet, P.
Cancer Cell 23 (4): 477-488. 15 April 2013

Cancer Research

Axon guidance factor Slit2 inhibits neural invasion and metastasis in pancreatic cancer.
Goehrig, A. and Detjen, K.M. and Hilfenhaus, G. and Koerner, J. and Welzel, M. and Arsenic, R. and Schmuck, R. and Bahra, M. and Wu, J.Y. and Wiedenmann, B. and Fischer, C.
Cancer Research 74 (5): 1529-1540. 1 March 2014

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Human granulocytic anaplasmosis acquired in Scotland, 2013.
Hagedorn, P. and Imhoff, M. and Fischer, C. and Domingo, C. and Niedrig, M.
Emerging Infectious Diseases 20 (6): 1079-1081. June 2014

Endocrine-Related Cancer

Placental growth factor supports neuroendocrine tumor growth and predicts disease prognosis in patients.
Hilfenhaus, G. and Goehrig, A. and Pape, U.F. and Neumann, T. and Jann, H. and Zdunek, D. and Hess, G. and Stassen, J.M. and Wiedenmann, B. and Detjen, K. and Pavel, M. and Fischer, C.
Endocrine-Related Cancer 20 (3): 305-319. 20 May 2013

FASEB Journal

Angiopoietin-2 drives lymphatic metastasis of pancreatic cancer.
Schulz, P. and Fischer, C. and Detjen, K.M. and Rieke, S. and Hilfenhaus, G. and von Marschall, Z. and Boehmig, M. and Koch, I. and Kehrberger, J. and Hauff, P. and Thierauch, K.H. and Alves, F. and Wiedenmann, B. and Scholz, A.
FASEB Journal 25 (10): 3325-3335. October 2011


Does the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib sensitize to DNA-damaging therapy in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms? - A preclinical assessment in vitro and in vivo.
Briest, F. and Koziolek, E.J. and Albrecht, J. and Schmidt, F. and Bernsen, M.R. and Haeck, J. and Kühl, A.A. and Sedding, D. and Hartung, T. and Exner, S. and Welzel, M. and Fischer, C. and Grötzinger, C. and Brenner, W. and Baum, R.P. and Grabowski, P.
Neoplasia 23 (1): 80-98. January 2021


Increased activity of the immunoregulatory enzyme indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) with consecutive tryptophan depletion predicts death in patients with neuroendocrine neoplasia.
Pschowski, R. and Pape, U.F. and Fusch, G. and Fischer, C. and Jann, H. and Baur, A. and Arsenic, R. and Wiedenmann, B. and von Haehling, S. and Pavel, M. and Schefold, J.C.
Neuroendocrinology 104 (2): 135-144. December 2016

RoeFo Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Roentgenstrahlen und der neuen bildgebenden Verfahren

Morphological analysis and differentiation of benign cystic neoplasms of the pancreas using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
Grieser, C. and Heine, G. and Stelter, L. and Steffen, I.G. and Rothe, J.H. and Walter, T.C. and Fischer, C. and Bahra, M. and Denecke, T.
RoeFo Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Roentgenstrahlen und der neuen bildgebenden Verfahren 185 (3): 219-227. March 2013

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