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Cell Reports

Protein abundance control by non-coding antisense transcription.
Huber, F. and Bunina, D. and Gupta, I. and Khmelinskii, A. and Meurer, M. and Theer, P. and Steinmetz, L.M. and Knop, M.
Cell Reports 15 (12): 2625-2636. 21 June 2016

Cell Stem Cell

Donor cell memory confers a metastable state of directly converted cells.
Kim, K.P. and Li, C. and Bunina, D. and Jeong, H.W. and Ghelman, J. and Yoon, J. and Shin, B. and Park, H. and Han, D.W. and Zaugg, J.B. and Kim, J. and Kuhlmann, T. and Adams, R.H. and Noh, K.M. and Goldman, S.A. and Schöler, H.R.
Cell Stem Cell 28 (7): 1291-1306. 1 July 2021

Cell Systems

Genomic rewiring of SOX2 chromatin interaction network during differentiation of ESCs to postmitotic neurons.
Bunina, D. and Abazova, N. and Diaz, N. and Noh, K.M. and Krijgsveld, J. and Zaugg, J.B.
Cell Systems 10 (6): 480-494. 24 June 2020

Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics

Chromatin structure of the joint α/β-globin gene locus of Danio rerio.
Ioudinkova, E.S. and Petrova, N.V. and Bunina, D.A. and Vishniakova, H.S. and Sklyar, I.V. and Razin, S.V. and Iarovaia, O.V.
Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics 448 : 59-61. January 2013


The inactivation of the π gene in chicken erythroblasts of adult lineage is not mediated by packaging of the embryonic part of the α-globin gene domain into a repressive heterochromatin-like structure.
Ioudinkova, E.S. and Ulianov, S.V. and Bunina, D. and Iarovaia, O.V. and Gavrilov, A.A. and Razin, S.V.
Epigenetics 6 (12): 1481-1488. December 2011

Molecular Biology

Patterns of histone modifications across the chicken alfa-globin genes’ domain.
Yudinkova, E.S. and Bunina, D.A. and Ulyanov, S. V. and Gavrilov, A.A. and Razin, S.V.
Molecular Biology 45 (4): 608-613. 5 August 2011

Molecular Systems Biology

GRaNIE and GRaNPA: inference and evaluation of enhancer-mediated gene regulatory networks.
Kamal, A. and Arnold, C. and Claringbould, A. and Moussa, R. and Servaas, N.H. and Kholmatov, M. and Daga, N. and Nogina, D. and Mueller-Dott, S. and Reyes-Palomares, A. and Palla, G. and Sigalova, O. and Bunina, D. and Pabst, C. and Zaugg, J.B.
Molecular Systems Biology 19 (6): e11627. 12 June 2023

Molekulyarnaya Biologiya

[Patterns of the histone modifications across the chicken alpha-globin genes domain].
Iudinkova, E.S. and Bunina, D.A. and Ul'ianov, S.V. and Gavrilov, A.A. and Razin, S.V.
Molekulyarnaya Biologiya 45 (4): 662-667. July 2011

Nature Genetics

Lysine 4 of histone H3.3 is required for embryonic stem cell differentiation, histone enrichment at regulatory regions and transcription accuracy.
Gehre, M. and Bunina, D. and Sidoli, S. and Lübke, M.J. and Diaz, N. and Trovato, M. and Garcia, B.A. and Zaugg, J.B. and Noh, K.M.
Nature Genetics 52 (3): 273-282. March 2020

Nucleic Acids Research

Upregulation of SPS100 gene expression by an antisense RNA via a switch of mRNA isoforms with different stabilities.
Bunina, D. and Štefl, M. and Huber, F. and Khmelinskii, A. and Meurer, M. and Barry, J.D. and Kats, I. and Kirrmaier, D. and Huber, W. and Knop, M.
Nucleic Acids Research 45 (19): 11144-11158. 2 November 2017


PCR duplication: a one-step cloning-free method to generate duplicated chromosomal loci and interference-free expression reporters in yeast.
Huber, F. and Meurer, M. and Bunina, D. and Kats, I. and Maeder, C.I. and Stefl, M. and Mongis, C. and Knop, M.
PLoS ONE 9 (12): e114590. 10 December 2014

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