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Tissue restricted expression and chromosomal localization of the YB-1 gene encoding a 42 kD nuclear CCAAT binding protein

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Item Type:Article
Title:Tissue restricted expression and chromosomal localization of the YB-1 gene encoding a 42 kD nuclear CCAAT binding protein
Creators Name:Spitkovsky, D.D., Royer-Pokora, B., Delius, H., Kisseljov, F., Jenkins, N.A., Gilbert, D.J., Copeland, N.G. and Royer, H.D.
Abstract:YB-1 cDNA clones were isolated by binding site screening of a Hela expression library using a human papillomavirus type 18 enhancer oligonucleotide. YB-1 belongs to a family of transcription factors which bind to recognition sequences containing a core CCAAT element. YB-1 bound to its single stranded recognition sequence on the sense strand but not to the anti-sense strand. A synthetic peptide antiserum derived from the predicted YB-1 amino acid sequence identified a 42 kD nuclear protein in immunoblots. A protein with the same size was detected by binding site blotting experiments using the HPV18 enhancer oligonucleotide which bound YB-1. YB-1 gene expression was restricted in tissues from a human 24 week old fetus. High levels of YB-1 mRNA were present in heart, muscle, liver, lung, adrenal gland and the brain, in contrast, low amounts of YB-1 mRNA were found in thymus, kidney, bone marrow and spleen. In pancreas, bladder, stomach and testis YB-1 mRNA could not be detected by Northern hybridization. Finally, we have identified four YB-1 related loci in the mouse genome and have mapped these loci to four different mouse chromosomes by interspecific backcross analysis.
Keywords:Amino Acid Sequence, Base Sequence, Binding Sites, Northern Blotting, CCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Proteins, Cultured Cells, Chromosome Mapping, HPV DNA Probes, DNA-Binding Proteins, Genetic Enhancer Elements, Gene Expression, Molecular Sequence Data, Multigene Family, NFI Transcription Factors, Nuclear Proteins, Transcription Factors, Y-Box-Binding Protein 1, Animals, Mice
Source:Nucleic Acids Research
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Page Range:797-803
Date:25 February 1992
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/20.4.797
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