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A tumor suppressor locus in familial and sporadic chordoma maps to 1p36

Item Type:Article
Title:A tumor suppressor locus in familial and sporadic chordoma maps to 1p36
Creators Name:Miozzo, M., Dalpra, L., Riva, P., Volonte, M., Macciardi, F., Pericotti, S., Tibiletti, M.G., Cerati, M., Rohde, K., Larizza, L. and Conti, A.M.F.
Abstract:Previous cytogenetic/FISH data have demonstrated 1p36 deletions in a relapsing familial clivus chordoma developed by a patient who has 2 daughters, respectively affected with childhood astrocytoma and clivus chordoma. Using an approach that combined the LOH (loss of heterozygosity) study of the father chordoma and the daughter astrocytoma and a segregation analysis from parents to sibs using 17 CA-repeats spanning 1p36.32-1p36.11, we mapped the cancer susceptibility locus in this family to the 1p36 region. The LOH and haplotype information was elaborated using a pairwise linkage analysis that gave a maximum lod score of 1.2. Additional LOH data relating to 6 sporadic chordomas allowed us to define an SRO (the smallest region of overlapping loss) of about 25 cM from D1S2845 (1p36.31) to D1S2728 (1p36.13). Our overall findings converge on mapping to 1p36 a tumor-suppressor gene involved in familial and sporadic chordoma.
Keywords:Astrocytoma, Brain Neoplasms, Cerebellar Neoplasms, Chordoma, Chromosome Mapping, Dinucleotide Repeats, Genetic Markers, Haplotypes, Linkage (Genetics), Loss of Heterozygosity, Pair 1 Human Chromosomes, Pedigree, Posterior Cranial Fossa, Tumor Suppressor Genes
Source:International Journal of Cancer
Page Range:68-72
Date:1 July 2000
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1002/1097-0215(20000701)87:1<68::AID-IJC10>3.0.CO;2-V
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