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Altered heart rate and blood pressure variability in mice lacking the Mas protooncogene

Item Type:Article
Title:Altered heart rate and blood pressure variability in mice lacking the Mas protooncogene
Creators Name:Walther, T., Wessel, N., Kang, N., Sander, A., Tschoepe, C., Malberg, H., Bader, M. and Voss, A.
Abstract:Heart rate variability is a relevant predictor of cardiovascular risk in humans. A significant genetic influence on heart rate variability is suggested, although the genes involved are ill-defined. The Mas-protooncogene encodes a G-protein-coupled receptor with seven transmembrane domains highly expressed in testis and brain. Since this receptor is supposed to interact with the signaling of angiotensin II, which is an important regulator of cardiovascular homeostasis, heart rate and blood pressure were analyzed in Mas-deficient mice. Using a femoral catheter the blood pressure of mice was measured for a period of 30 min and 250 data values per second were recorded. The mean values and range of heart rate and blood pressure were then calculated. Neither heart rate nor blood pressure were significantly different between knockout mice and controls. However, high resolution recording of these parameters and analysis of the data by non-linear dynamics revealed significant alterations in cardiovascular variability in Mas-deficient animals. In particular, females showed a strong reduction of heart rate variability. Furthermore, the data showed an increased sympathetic tone in knockout animals of both genders. The marked alterations detected in Mas-deficient mice of both genders suggest that the Mas-protooncogene is an important determinant of heart rate and blood pressure variability.
Keywords:Baroreflex Sensitivity, Blood Pressure Variability, Heart Rate Variability, Mas Protooncogene
Source:Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
Publisher:Associacao Brasileira De Divulgacao Cientifica
Page Range:1-9
Date:1 January 2000
Official Publication:http://www.scielo.br/pdf/bjmbr/v33n1/3634m.pdf
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