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Angiotensin and bradykinin peptides in the TGR(mREN-2)27 rat

Item Type:Article
Title:Angiotensin and bradykinin peptides in the TGR(mREN-2)27 rat
Creators Name:Campbell, D.J., Rong, P., Kladis, A., Rees, B., Ganten, D. and Skinner, S.L.
Abstract:The transgenic TGR(mRen-2)27 rat, in which the Ren-2 mouse renin gene is transfected into the genome of the Sprague-Dawley rat, develops severe hypertension at a young age that responds to inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme and to antagonists of the type 1 angiotensin II (Ang II) receptor. Despite this evidence that the hypertension is Ang II dependent, TGR(mRen-2)27 rats have suppressed renal renin and renin mRNA content, and there is controversy concerning the plasma levels of renin and Ang II in these rats. We investigated the effect of the transgene on circulating and tissue levels of angiotensin and bradykinin peptides in 6-week-old male homozygous TGR(mRen-2)27 rats. Systolic blood pressure of TGR(mRen-2)27 rats was 212 +/- 4 mm Hg (mean +/- SEM, n = 25) compared with 108 +/- 2 mm Hg (n = 29) for age- and sex-matched Sprague-Dawley rats. Compared with control rats, TGR(mRen-2)27 rats had increased plasma levels of active renin (4.5-fold), prorenin (300-fold), and Ang II (fourfold) as well as tissue levels of Ang II (twofold to fourfold in kidney, adrenal, heart, aorta, brown adipose tissue, and lung and 18-fold in brain). Plasma angiotensinogen levels were reduced to 73% of control, and plasma aldosterone levels were increased fourfold. Plasma angiotensin-converting enzyme was reduced to 64% of control. Compared with control rats, TGR(mRen-2)27 rats had increased bradykinin levels in brown adipose tissue (1.9-fold) and lung (1.6-fold).
Keywords:Aldosterone, Amino Acid Sequence, Angiotensin II, Genetically Modified Animals, Bradykinin, Hypertension, Kidney, Molecular Sequence Data, Peptidyl-Dipeptidase A, Renin, Animals, Rats
Publisher:American Heart Association
Page Range:1014-1020
Date:1 May 1995
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