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Altered microglial phagocytosis in GPR34-deficient mice

Item Type:Article
Title:Altered microglial phagocytosis in GPR34-deficient mice
Creators Name:Preissler, J., Grosche, A., Lede, V., Le Duc, D., Krügel, K., Matyash, V., Szulzewsky, F., Kallendrusch, S., Immig, K., Kettenmann, H., Bechmann, I., Schöneberg, T. and Schulz, A.
Abstract:GPR34 is a Gi/o protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) of the nucleotide receptor P2Y12 -like group. This receptor is highly expressed in microglia, however, the functional relevance of GPR34 in these glial cells is unknown. Previous results suggested an impaired immune response in GPR34-deficient mice infected with Cryptococcus neoformans. Here we show that GPR34 deficiency results in morphological changes in retinal and cortical microglia. RNA sequencing analysis of microglia revealed a number of differentially expressed transcripts involved in cell motility and phagocytosis. We found no differences in microglial motility after entorhinal cortex lesion and in response to laser lesion. However, GPR34-deficient microglia showed reduced phagocytosis activity in both retina and acutely isolated cortical slices. Our study identifies GPR34 as an important signaling component controlling microglial function, morphology and phagocytosis.
Keywords:Microglia, GPCR, OHSC, RNA Sequencing, GPR34, Phagocytosis, Neurodegenerative Disease, Animals, Mice
Page Range:206-215
Date:February 2015
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1002/glia.22744
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