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Analysis of α3 GlyR single particle tracking in the cell membrane

Item Type:Article
Title:Analysis of α3 GlyR single particle tracking in the cell membrane
Creators Name:Notelaers, K., Rocha, S., Paesen, R., Smisdom, N., De Clercq, B., Meier, J.C., Rigo, J.M., Hofkens, J. and Ameloot, M.
Abstract:Single particle tracking (SPT) of transmembrane receptors in the plasma membrane often reveals heterogeneous diffusion. A thorough interpretation of the displacements requires an extensive analysis suited for discrimination of different motion types present in the data. Here the diffusion pattern of the homomeric {alpha}3-containing glycine receptor (GlyR) is analyzed in the membrane of HEK 293 cells. More specifically, the influence of the {alpha}3 RNA splice variants {alpha}3K and {alpha}3L on lateral membrane diffusion of the receptor is revealed in detail. Using a combination of ensemble and local SPT analysis, free and anomalous diffusion parameters are determined. The GlyR {alpha}3 free diffusion coefficient is found to be 0.13±0.01{Mu}m(2)/s and both receptor variants display confined motion. The confinement probability level and residence time are significantly elevated for the {alpha}3L variant compared to the {alpha}3K variant. Furthermore, for the {alpha}3L GlyR, the presence of directed motion was also established, with a velocity matching that of saltatory vesicular transport. These findings reveal that {alpha}3 GlyRs are prone to different types of anomalous diffusion and reinforce the role of RNA splicing in determining lateral membrane trafficking.
Keywords:Glycine Receptor, {alpha}3 Subunit, RNA Splicing, Single Particle Tracking, Confined Motion, Directed Motion
Source:Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research
Page Range:544-553
Date:March 2014
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bbamcr.2013.11.019
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