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Baroreflex sensitivity, heart rate, and blood pressure variability in normal pregnancy

Item Type:Article
Title:Baroreflex sensitivity, heart rate, and blood pressure variability in normal pregnancy
Creators Name:Voss, A., Malberg, H., Schumann, A., Wessel, N., Walther, T., Stepan, H. and Faber, R.
Abstract:Heart rate variability is a relevant predictor of cardiovascular risk in humans. However, to use heart and blood pressure (BP) variability or baroreflex sensitivity as markers for hypertensive pregnancy disorders, it is first necessary to describe these parameters in normal pregnancy. To accommodate the complexities of autonomic cardiovascular control we added parameter domains of nonlinear dynamics to conventional linear methods of time and frequency domains. The BP of 27 women with normal pregnancy and 14 nonpregnant women were monitored at a high resolution (200 Hz sampling frequency) using a Portapres for 30 min. The pregnant women were divided into groups of 32 or less or greater than 32 weeks of gestation. Pregnant and nonpregnant women were classified into subclasses of maternal age of less than 28 or 28 or more years. Except for two single parameter domains, we found no significant differences in heart rate and BP variability for pregnant women with different gestational age or different maternal age. Moreover, no significant differences in spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity could be found between pregnant women regardless of either their age or gestational age. In contrast, all measures of nonlinear dynamics of heart rate variability as well as all parameter domains of spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity showed significant changes between pregnant and nonpregnant women, whereas BP variability did not differ between those groups. This complex assessment of autonomic cardiovascular regulation has shown that the parameters tested are stable in the second half of normal pregnancy, and might have the potential to be excellent indicators of pathophysiologic conditions.
Keywords:Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure Variability, Baroreflex Sensitivity, Pregnancy, Linear Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics
Source:American Journal of Hypertension
Page Range:1218-1225
Date:November 2000
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/S0895-7061(00)01199-7
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