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Intratumoral low-volume jet-injection for efficient nonviral gene transfer

Item Type:Article
Title:Intratumoral low-volume jet-injection for efficient nonviral gene transfer
Creators Name:Walther, W., Stein, U., Fichtner, I., Voss, C., Schmidt, T., Schleef, M., Nellessen, T. and Schlag, P.M.
Abstract:Jet-injection has become an applicable technology among other established nonviral delivery systems, such as particle bombardment or in vivo electroporation. The low-volume jet injector employed in this study uses compressed air to inject solutions of 1.5-10 {my}L containing naked DNA into the desired tissue. The novel design of this prototype makes multiple jet-injections possible. Therefore, repeated jet-injections into one target tissue can be performed easily. This jet-injector hand-held system was used for the direct in vivo gene transfer of plasmid DNA into tumors to achieve efficient expression of reporter genes ({beta}-galactosidase, green fluorescent protein [GFP]) and of therapeutic genes (TNF-{alpha}) in different tumor models. The study presented here revealed the key parameters of efficient in vivo jet-injection (jet-injection volume, pressure, jet penetration, DNA stability) to define the optimal conditions for a jet-injection-aided nonviral gene therapy.
Keywords:Gene Therapy, Jet-Injection, Naked DNA, Nonviral Gene Transfer, Plasmid Stability, Plasmid Topology
Source:Molecular Biotechnology
Publisher:Humana Press
Page Range:105-115
Date:1 June 2002
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1385/MB:21:2:105
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