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Response of the intracellular potentials of cultured bovine lens cells to ions and inhibitors

Item Type:Article
Title:Response of the intracellular potentials of cultured bovine lens cells to ions and inhibitors
Creators Name:Jentsch, T.J., von der Haar, B., Keller, S.K. and Wiederholt, M.
Abstract:Micropuncture of bovine lens epithelial cells cultured on plastic culture dishes gave values for the plasma membrane voltage (V) which remained stable for periods of up to several hours. The value of V was mainly in the range -30 to -45 mV, mean value -36.9 +/- 0.5 mV (S.E.M., n = 188). Raising extracellular [K+] from 5 to 40 mM depolarized V by 10 +/- 3 mV. The extent of this depolarization increased with increasing steady-state V. Barium (2 mM) caused a rapid, reversible depolarization of 7.9 +/- 1.2 mV. In the presence of Ba2+, the response to 40 mM K was reduced to 3.6 +/- 1.1 mV. Ouabain (10(-5) M) caused a fast depolarization by 5.3 +/- 1.2 mV. Exposure to calcium-free EGTA-Ringer's depolarized V reversibly by 19.5 +/- 5.0 mV. In Ca-free medium, the depolarization induced by 40 mM K was reduced to 3.2 +/- 2.4 mV. Whereas in control Ringer's sodium conductance (as measured by exposure to a 10 mM [Na]-Ringer's) is small as compared to potassium conductance, it increased markedly in Ca-depleted medium. Amiloride (10(-4) and 10(-3) M) had no effect on this Na conductance. An increase in the relative conductance for sodium was also elicited by Ba2+ (2 mM). Extracellular acidification led to a depolarization, alkalinization to a hyperpolarization. The extent of this effect was virtually equal in the absence or presence of HCO3-, excluding a significant pathway for bicarbonate. No evidence for a significant chloride conductance could be obtained.
Keywords:Intracellular Potentials, Lens, Lens Epithelial Cells, Cell Culture, Calcium, pH, Bicarbonate, Ouabain, Amiloride, Potassium Conductance, Sodium Conductance, Animals, Cattle
Source:Experimental Eye Research
Publisher:Academic Press
Page Range:131-144
Date:August 1985
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/0014-4835(85)90018-1
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