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Public participation in technology evaluation and risk communication

Item Type:Book Section
Title:Public participation in technology evaluation and risk communication
Creators Name:Elvers, H.D. and Tannert, C.
Abstract:This paper discusses public participation as a means of risk communication. It argues that the involvement of the broader public is a prerequisite to identify demands for societal consensus building, regarding new technologies, which potentially might impact human health. In this paper we will start by outlining the social context of participative technology evaluation and risk communication. We will then demonstrate that public consultations are manageable and feasible, not only in clarifying the public’s position to future technological trends with ethical relevance, but also with respect to the assistance in defining research priorities and needs for more focused risk communication. Finally, we will sketch an online-based discourse, which is implemented in order to gather stakeholders’ perceptions and opinions on knowledge gaps in RF-EMF cancer risk assessment.
Title of Book:Electromagnetic Field Exposure: Risk Communication in the context of Uncertainty
Page Range:265-274
Official Publication:http://web.jrc.ec.europa.eu/emf-net/doc/pubblications/Book_Risk%20communication.pdf

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