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Genome wide conditional mouse knockout resources

Item Type:Review
Title:Genome wide conditional mouse knockout resources
Creators Name:Kaloff, C. and Anastassiadis, K. and Ayadi, A. and Baldock, R. and Beig, J. and Birling, M.C. and Bradley, A. and Brown, S.D.M. and Buerger, A. and Bushell, W. and Chiani, F. and Collins, F.S. and Doe, B. and Eppig, J.T. and Finnell, R.H. and Fletcher, C. and Flicek, P. and Fray, M. and Friedel, R.H. and Gambadoro, A. and Gates, H. and Hansen, J. and Herault, Y. and Hicks, G.G. and Hoerlein, A. and Hrabe de Angelis, M. and Iyer, V. and de Jong, P.J. and Koscielny, G. and Kuehn, R. and Liu, P. and Lloyd, K.C.K and Lopez, R.G. and Marschall, S. and Martinez, S. and McKerlie, C. and Meehan, T. and von Melchner, H. and Moore, M. and Murray, S.A. and Nagy, A. and Nutter, L.M.J. and Pavlovic, G. and Pombero, A. and Prosser, H. and Ramirez-Solis, R. and Ringwald, M. and Rosen, B. and Rosenthal, N. and Rossant, J. and Ruiz Noppinger, P. and Ryder, E. and Skarnes, W.C. and Schick, J. and Schnuetgen, F. and Schofield, P. and Seisenberger, C. and Selloum, M. and Smedley, D. and Simpson, E.M. and Stewart, A.F. and Teboul, L. and Tocchini Valentini, G.P. and Valenzuela, D. and West, A.P. and Wurst, W.
Abstract:The International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) developed high throughput gene trapping and gene targeting pipelines that produced mostly conditional mutations of more than 18,500 genes in C57BU6N mouse embryonie stem (ES) cells which have been archived and are freely available to the research community as a frozen resource. From this unprecedented resource more than 6000 mutant mouse strains have been generated by the IKMC in collaboration with the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC). ln addition, a cre-driver resource was established including 250 C57BU6 cre-inducible mouse strains. Complementing the credriver resource, a collection comprising 2 7 rAA Vs expressing cre in a tissue-specific manner has also been produced. All resources are easily accessible from the IKMC/IMPC web portal (www.mousephenotype.org). The IKMC/IMPC resource is a standardized reference library of mouse models with defined genetic backgrounds enabling the analysis of gene-disease associations in mice of different genetic makeup and should therefore have a major impact on biomedical research.
Keywords:Animals, Mice
Source:Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models
Page Range:3-12
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ddmod.2017.08.002

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